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Pinning Snafu’s: More About How NOT to Pin on Pinterest

You’ve probably heard me talk a little bit about what to do and what not to do on Pinterest. Well today I have a few more tips for you that you should implement and keep in mind when pinning. It’s amazing how much can really go into a site like Pinterest that seems so unimportant when it comes to marketing. But what you may not realize is that it’s super important for online marketing purposes especially, and that’s why you need to use it properly. Nothing on Pinterest is very difficult or time-consuming to accomplish. That’s really the beauty of ...

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How to Capitalize on the Olympics in Your Internet Marketing

The 2012 London Olympics are providing you with a great online marketing opportunity, but you probably don’t even realize it. During the Olympics, as with just about any other televised sport, overall interest in said sports is at an all-time high. I mean, what other times of the year do you find such vested interest in gymnastics? Or swimming? Capitalize on these interests now before the Olympic season comes to an end. Here are a couple of reasons why I think such a venture would be a smash hit for you.

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strategies for online marketing

Strategies for Online Marketing: Making a Plan

Strategies for online marketing are easy to find but generally not so easy to put into practice. You’ll hear about strategies from your favorite gurus that sound great, until you turn on your computer and try to make them work for you and all of a sudden, they don’t appear so attractive. Here’s the things about strategies for online marketing: you can’t go at them half-cocked. You either make a plan and stick to it or don’t bother making one at all. Those are pretty much the only options you have. Going halfway really won’t do you much good. So ...

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domain name purchase

Domain Name Purchase: How to Buy a Domain

A domain name purchase can be a daunting thing for some people. I know, because I just helped a friend buy his first domain the other day. He was familiar with other aspects of online marketing, but not in the sense of “internet marketing” as you all know it or “affiliate marketing.” So I was assigned with the task of helping him take baby steps to getting his domain up and running the way he wanted it to run. And let me tell you – I did most the work. A domain name purchase entails much more than just going ...

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Host a Blog

Host a Blog on Your Own Domain

Host a blog on your own domain – not only because it’s less hassle in the long run, but because you get to fully control the content you post on your blog. True, hosting a blog on your own website does cost many, but the cost is fairly negligible when you consider the alternatives. In this guide, we’ll explore several reasons why you should host a blog, rather than using a free blog on another domain. Of course, there are a few very valid reasons to use free blogs on other sites as well, but for the most overall benefit ...

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