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When Less is More: Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website

A lot of internet marketers I see make the mistake of complicating things way too much. And by that, I don’t mean they complicate the process to success in the way they run their businesses, although some certainly are guilty of doing so. I see over-complication come in much more subtle ways, like on their websites, and in these ways, they can actually be Trojan horses in destroying their businesses.

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Financial Tip of the Day: Do You Need an Office?

Finances are one area of business that many entrepreneurs succeed in overlooking, time after time after time. Why? Probably because the idea of needing finances for a business that hasn’t even yet begun seems premature, or because it’s not “their thing,” so they just avoid the subject until absolutely necessary. Don’t fall into this trap! With that being said, I would like to touch on just one aspect of the financial equation that some entrepreneurs think about but often don’t come up with an answer for. That question is: do I need an office? Office Space for the Entrepreneur If ...

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An Idea for the Offliners (Part 1 of 2)

A friend of mine called me today to ask for a favor. In return he said he’d let me in on one of his latest “secrets.” I obliged, of course, and didn’t really expect much in return, as the favor was not much at all. What he told me gave me a much better and bigger idea. His secret was pretty basic, but highly effective. It relied on two things – offline businesses, and online keywords. He used classified ads in a newspaper to get new keywords to try on his local sites. He looked at the services people offered, ...

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