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dropshipping guide

Ecommerce: The Full Guide to Dropshipping Part 2

In part 1 (found HERE) of our guide to drop-shipping, we began narrowing our search down for a specific product to sell. This requires attention to detail as it will either make or break your dropshipping endeavors. Just to recap, in Part 1, we covered how to choose a market, then how to find a niche within that market that fits a specific need or want that consumers have….. Breaking it Down Further; Finding a Micro Niche There are literally millions of websites that were created in the hopes of earning money online. Some failed, but many others were successful. ...

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internet marketing

12 Tips for Creating Internet Marketing Campaigns That Rock – Part 1

Research Phase Tip #1 – Choose a niche that already has competition.  Why?  It shows that others are already making money within that given niche, which is a good indicator that you can as well.  Unless you’ve stumbled across a goldmine micro niche, a niche with no competitors could mean that there is not enough money in it for anyone to properly monetize.  It’s far less risky to choose a niche that is already proven to produce. Tip #2 – Narrow down your audience.  Markets such as the “Health and Fitness” niche or the “Make Money Online” niche are absolutely ...

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