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Framework Thinking and You

Every business has a rigid business plan that they believe they must follow in order to make their company profitable and able to persevere through the years to come. They also use this plan to attempt to come up with solutions to problems. Unfortunately, this is when major issues arise in many institutions because the business plans do not allow for flexibility. Flexibility, open-mindedness, creativity, and organization are needed to solve problems. Usually, at this time the company will call in a consultant to aid in the situation, because the consultant specializes in a technique that businesses usually do not ...

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Generating Traffic: Finding the Right Tactic

Owning a website and a brand is never easy and it often requires a lot of effort on behalf of your marketing team. The difficulty is that finding the right tactics to generate web traffic can often be a challenge since not every single tactic is effective and will provide you with the results that you are looking for. Generating traffic is important since it affects the success of your brand, how many sales you make, and it also determines how much information your brand’s buyers have regarding your brand. Rather than risk the success of your brand, the best ...

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List Building Strategies

When it comes down to it, your website runs on how extensive your list is. The more people who are subscribed to your brand, the more visibility and promotion your website gets. Many individuals though are unaware of how to capitalize on the tools available to them in order to grow their list. Instead of struggling with guesswork and using tips that aren’t effective, below is a list of proven list building techniques to put you right on track. Keep in mind though that some of these tips are applicable to specific brands or situations, so they may be especially ...

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Media Buying on a Budget

In marketing, you should have a budget prepared for any venture that you undertake. Keep in mind though, one area where you’ll certainly need to stretch your budget as much as possible is media buying. Media buying requires a great deal negotiation. Through the negotiation process, your goal is to place your brand’s advertisements in the most effective media channels. The better the channel quality and the better the placement, the more you’ll be able to maximize on your media buying efforts. While there are dozens of marketing tactics out there, media buying remains one of the most effective. Below ...

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Lead Generation: Make a Cold Prospect Sizzling Hot

There are many facets involved when it comes to marketing. For those who have been in the field of a long time or are new, it is easy to realize that a great deal of work and research is involved. One particularly challenging part of marketing is lead generation. Lead generation is the process of creating consumer interest and converting that interest into sales leads through using tools like newsletters, emails, subscriptions, and other marketing tools. There are many stages to lead generation, but the most important stage is turning cold prospects into hot prospects or sales leads. If you’re ...

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