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content marketing strategy

The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

When done correctly, content marketing can be one of the biggest contributors to traffic and brand awareness for a business. With the correct content marketing plan in place, site owners may quickly become branded as an authority within their niche. There have been start ups that virtually explode onto the scene without ever having to undergo the usual growing pains that newbie sites typically have, because a piece of their content went viral. Unfortunately, most simply go about it the wrong way, leading to a lot of wasted time and effort on their part. Today, I’m going to outline the ...

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social proof

Marketing to the Masses: Understanding the Inner Consumer

Achieving internet marketing success is more than just creating products and sales pages with flashy text that promise fulfillment. Sure, this will work in some cases, but the initial success may be fleeting. Some simply strike gold. However, the REAL key to success is understanding WHY people make the buying choices that they do. It’s through this understanding that will allow you to replicate this initial success over and over again in any niche that you decide to enter. Believe it or not, the majority of consumers (myself included) have a sort of “buyer’s mindset.” Deep within our subconscious, we ...

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3 Unconventional Methods to Improve Productivity

All too often I see marketers that have a tendency to burn the midnight oil, working their fingers to the bone until they’ve accomplished everything that they can for that day, just to wake up and do it all over again. By no means is working hard a negative trait. Quite the contrary; few of the top marketers would have gotten to where they are today without pushing themselves that extra mile.  It has allowed countless internet marketers the freedom to work online instead of at a dreary 9-5 job, working for a boss that they fantasize about strangling. However, ...

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Maximizing Exposure = Vlogging for Marketers

Quite often on this site I preach about using Youtube as an outlet to reach the masses.  In the last year or so, many of the top marketers in the game have put more time and effort than ever into their Youtube marketing endeavors.  Why you may ask?  Simply put; Youtube videos allow marketers engage with their consumer base on a more personal level, while also reaching a broader audience.  In this article, we are going to cover Vlogging (blogging with videos).  Here’s an example of why vlogging can be as effective (if not more) than blogging with only text.  ...

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How to Market on Facebook Part 2: Widening Your Reach

A week ago we touched on the benefits of using Facebook to market to your target audience and how beneficial it is for engaging your followers. In case you missed it, here it is: How To Market On Facebook Part 1: Engaging Your Audience.  Just a quick recap: Facebook receives A LOT of traffic. With over 1 billion users, many of them check their accounts multiple times a day. If you’re not utilizing Facebook as a potential tool to build yourself as an authority and to maintain a dialogue with your target market, then you are severely missing out.  Today ...

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