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12 Tips for Creating Internet Marketing Campaigns That Rock – Part 1

Research Phase Tip #1 – Choose a niche that already has competition.  Why?  It shows that others are already making money within that given niche, which is a good indicator that you can as well.  Unless you’ve stumbled across a goldmine micro niche, a niche with no competitors could mean that there is not enough money in it for anyone to properly monetize.  It’s far less risky to choose a niche that is already proven to produce. Tip #2 – Narrow down your audience.  Markets such as the “Health and Fitness” niche or the “Make Money Online” niche are absolutely ...

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The 6 Basic Principles of Internet Marketing

The 6 Basic Principles of Internet Marketing Success

You may have heard the stories before; so and so makes (insert amount) every month from internet marketing.  Although many are vastly inflating their income in order to be perceived as an expert, others truly are making a small fortune each and every month from online earnings.  Let’s be honest, it’s not as easy as some may portray.  If it were, then everyone would be doing it, right?  However, it’s not as complex as astrophysics either.  You don’t have to be born a genius or part of the intellectually elite to earn a living through internet marketing.  Believe it or ...

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Internet Marketing Data

Some Fun Internet Marketing Data

Today we’re going to try something a little different…Instead of the typical article covering a single facet of internet marketing, we’re going to look at IM as a whole, and break down some of the valuable information that we’ve come across.  Not only does this information make for some interesting tableside conversation, but it can also provide insight into what may be working within internet marketing. Hopefully, this will help aid you in your latest IM campaign…

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Market Research Sample Strategies

Have you got a good market research sample? Do you really understand your market? Do you have a good idea of who you’ll average customer really is? For example, do you know how old your average customer is? Do you know what the average household income is? If you close your eyes and created a mental picture of your customer, is that picture clear? Nine times out of ten the answer is no for many internet marketers and affiliate marketers. By really identifying and gathering the good market research sample of your audience, you really do position your self to ...

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Out With the Old, In With the PPV?

Pay per view or PPV is now rapidly becoming known in the industry as the latest way to market products and lead capture. The only problem with an emerging market like PPV is the fact that there’s so much misinformation, that people are running headlong into it, without asking the questions they should. If you think you need PPV in your business model, then you need to do the math, and ensure its not a shot to nothing.

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