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Tips for New Internet Marketers

Transitioning from the daily grind of a 9-5 job and assuming your new role as an internet marketer can often times be difficult. There is no boss or upper management to keep you accountable. You are your own boss now; the master of your domain, the owner of your own internet business.  If you succeed, it will be because of your own merit, hard work, and dedication to your craft. Unfortunately, if you do not succeed, it will undoubtedly be your fault as well. To make this transition easier, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you remain focused ...

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Five Signs That You Need to Work for Yourself

Let’s face it. Not everyone was cut out to work for a boss. If you hate your job, you could be one of those people. Bearing in mind, of course, that work is work no matter how you slice it, and that hating your job could just be a sign that you’re sick of working, there is still something to be said for wanting more out of life. Sometimes that “more” comes in the form of a total career shift. And that total career shift might very well be the change between building up someone else’s dream and starting your ...

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Time Management Issues Facing Entrepreneurs

One of the worst problems facing any entrepreneur or business professional – either in the home-based sector or the small business sector – is the problem of managing your time. Time management probably doesn’t top YOUR list of the biggest problems you face in your business, but I tell you what – time is sneaky! My Time Management Snafu I was reminded of this as I was planning out my day today. I had just a few things that I wanted to accomplish today, and I figured out the amount of time (in my head) that I would need to ...

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Reputation management online

Reputation Management Online: Do it Yourself

Reputation management online is a concept that is easily handled on your own if you know where to do it. There are several sites that help you manage your reputation in addition to tools that charge a fee for integrating analytics and metrics in addition to reputation management. It’s important to guard your reputation from the beginning. That means a multitude of things, which we’ll delve into here in just a moment. But before we get started with this reputation management online guide, just remember that your reputation begins with you and the way you operate. All the tools and ...

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How Much Time Can You Save in a Day?

If you think you cannot afford a VA or Virtual Assistant, then you are probably wrong. The main reason Virtual Assistance is required in the first place is to alleviate the pressure of the main person in a business, so they can concentrate on bringing in new money.  If you haven’t really sat down and worked out how much time you’re wasting every day, then we can work it out now. If you consider all the emails you have written today, that could have been answered by someone else – then I’m sure you would be looking at possibly an ...

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