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SEO tutorials

SEO Tutorials: Step by Step Tips for Your Website

SEO tutorials are a dime a dozen these days. A simple search for SEO tutorials brings up millions of results, but which ones can you trust to be right? Worse yet, many of those tutorials are “free.” There’s nothing wrong with that, except there’s often an upsell or some sort of back-end sale the site owner wants to rope you into. Depending upon the site, you’ll get quite a runaround when trying to sift through the pages to find good information. When you look for SEO tutorials, check the age of the document you’re looking at. If it’s a blog ...

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Digging For Diamonds

On the subject of keywords, one can argue that the more you have to optimize your page, the better. With a page just pasted in really good LSI keywords, and some main niche keywords, you will struggle to get no traffic. Lower competition and longer tail keywords make up a lot of a page’s traffic, so it’s always best to have as many variations as possible. Here’s a great tip for digging these LSI keywords up, that has you recycling results over and over for the keywords you want. I spoke about Google AdWords’ great little tool for checking the ...

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What’s Holding Your Blog Back?

What could possibly be holding your blog or landing page marketing? You thought you had ticked all the boxes – because you researched on Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and you found as many LSI keywords as possible. You used Ezine articles, and you are still getting slow moving traffic. It’s almost like a traffic jam on some days. You are not missing any SEO details – you have made sure your articles are very optimized, and you have made sure you are pre-selling people before they hit the landing page. The landing page or blog post itself links to a ...

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From Trend to Traffic

Apparently, there’s been a lot written about trending for traffic, and I thought I’d share this little tidbit of information, just in case anyone has missed it. There are fewer things that get you ranked faster on page one than press releases – and document storage sites. Websites like Scribd.com and Authorstream enable you to get ranked within just a few minutes, and although short-lived, can generate traffic if you are on a hot topic.

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A Lesson in LSI

A car is not a car if it has no wheels or engine, or doors, or exhaust. It’s just a shell, which has no means of travelling. You couldn’t call it a car, because of the things it’s lacking. If you imagine a web page being that shell of a car, and you have been blindfolded, to work out how to categorize it, then you would not put it in the car category. Maybe you would categorize as car parts, salvage, car wreck – but not “car”.  Google works in the same way, when it is trying to understand what ...

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