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What Will You Choose to Do With Your Life?

“What is the single force that shapes the quality of our lives? What power do we have that can change everything? As you and I both know, the answer is the power of choice.” –          Tony Robbins Take a contemplative look at your life.  Are you exactly where you want to be?  Even if you are 100% satisfied with life, perhaps you are looking for that little edge to help you improve.  Despite your great success, maybe you feel as if there is more out there for you, and for some reason or another, you just haven’t taken hold of ...

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13 Lessons from Napolean Hill and Zig Zigler that All Entrepreneurs Should Know

Despite both Napolean Hill and Zig Zigler passing away, their writings will undoubtedly remain staples for business men and women everywhere for generations to come.  Napolean Hill’s Think And Grow Rich is one of the highest selling books of all time, and is an absolute must read for any entrepreneur or Internet Marketer seeking the path to success.  Zigler on the other hand was the ultimate salesman, focusing his writings more or less on how to present products and services to consumer.  Both have vastly different approaches, but both also believe in many of the same key principles.  Combining the ...

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Learn How to Make Money with Online Marketing

Learn how to make money strategies can be found all over the internet, so there is no shortage of advice when it comes to looking for information regarding internet marketing. But you can’t believe everything you read.  Many money-making strategies found online are scams while others just purvey poor advice. Sometimes using your own discretion to sift through what is valuable and what is not just isn’t enough. When you start to learn how to make money on the internet, you’ll soon find that you have a wide array of directions you can take your new journey. Here you’ll learn ...

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Kim Roach Interview with Sean

The other day I was interviewed by Kim Roach, a fantastic upcoming marketer who has her finger on the pulse. She had some great questions she wanted to ask about how I structure my business and how I maximize every penny from my business. Well, she kindly gave me a copy of that interview and now, you can watch it too. This is about 1 hour of awesome content, so take notes, and enjoy!

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How Much Time Can You Save in a Day?

If you think you cannot afford a VA or Virtual Assistant, then you are probably wrong. The main reason Virtual Assistance is required in the first place is to alleviate the pressure of the main person in a business, so they can concentrate on bringing in new money.  If you haven’t really sat down and worked out how much time you’re wasting every day, then we can work it out now. If you consider all the emails you have written today, that could have been answered by someone else – then I’m sure you would be looking at possibly an ...

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