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Joint Ventures: Expand Your Audience

Content marketing can take on a variety of different shapes and forms. When many business first start out content marketing they automatically think that it should be based around them creating all their content themselves and marketing it. This can be a great way to get started with your marketing efforts but there are also many other ways to get good, quality content for your website without having to use near as much effort as creating it yourself. Joint Ventures: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship When it comes to getting content on your site almost no one thinks about joint ventures ...

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Why Won’t They Listen to Me?

The problem most internet marketers face when they are just starting out, and literally just starting to (make an attempt to) network with their colleagues in the industry, is credibility. We all lack credibility in the beginning, and some names get more attention in our inbox than others. There’s a pecking order, just like any other industry, and that’s just a fact. When a top affiliate marketing guru looks in his inbox, there’s probably 100 emails to action that day, before they start on customer service. The only way to build credence with these busy people, is to establish a ...

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Networking = Seeing into the Future.

Its a shame that more people do not network with their colleagues in the industry. You can find out a hell of a lot just by asking a few questions, and people (despite being a guru to most) are quite approachable. Let’s assume you wanted to set up some JV’s for the next few months. You will get your product name and JV details from somewhere like JVPress or JVNotifyPro, and then you will start setting up affiliate sites in advance. Sometimes you can only get the next three months worth of future products from these sites, so if you ...

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The Vendor’s JV Manager’s Recruiter!

Whilst affiliate marketing for digital products is reserved mainly for people who buy a domain with “review” in the name, and then put up some great articles about the features of the product, there are other very easy ways to shortcut the whole “buy domain, write article, get ranked” method/approach. One of the best ways is forum marketing. If you are looking to promote a product, you need to take a look at JVNotifyPro and JVAlerts firstly, which we’ve spoken about before, and get yourself on a mailing list so you are up to date with all the latest up ...

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