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Use Blogger

Use Blogger: Reasons Why You Might Choose Blogger

Use Blogger? If you read my previous post, you’re probably going to think I’m playing the devil’s advocate with this one. True, there are many more reasons to use your own hosted blog than to use Blogger, but when it comes down to results, you might find that when you use Blogger, you’ll get quicker success than when you host your own. This might sound like near blasphemy to some internet marketers who think free blogs are the death of their marketing strategy. But understand that I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever use a hosted blog. It’s just that there ...

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How to Spot a Scam

How to Spot a Scam: Red Flags to Check for Online

How to spot a scam – this is a skill that everyone needs to know at some point in their life or another. For affiliate marketers and customers alike, it’s an especially worthy skill. With all the real-looking make money online rip-offs these days, it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell what’s real and what is not. As someone with an “insider perspective” on scams, so to speak, I’d like to share with you some of the ways you can keep yourself from feeling cheated or ripped off when you’re looking for ways to make money online. It’s not always easy, ...

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