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‘Explainer Videos’ Growing in Popularity

There is a new trend that is growing rapidly in online marketing: explainer videos.  This is a new tool that online marketing managers are using at increasing rates because they have been shown to benefit websites and website statistics in many ways, including increasing a website’s conversions rates, clarifying just exactly what a product is and what makes it so great, and boosting overall sales and revenue—the ultimate goal with any advertising campaign. Conversion Rates in Online Marketing In online marketing, tracking conversion rates is one of the most important things that you need to be doing to make sure ...

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Marketing Analytic Tools Predicted to Grow

If you’re getting started in the world of marketing, chances are you have heard of marketing analytic tools. These are online and software devices that help you measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, by tracking each and every marketing and advertising piece that you put out there. Marketing analytic tools are essential to running an effective marketing campaign online because you have to be able to see what your customers are responding to positively in order to continue to give them more of what they like. You also have to be able to keep a steady eye on what ...

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Social Media Marketing

In the advertising and marketing world, some companies and marketing executives go with an “any publicity is good publicity” type of marketing approach.  They get the word out by whatever means necessary, and so market their business on any and all social networks in order to get their product recognized. But this is not necessarily the best social media marketing approach for every business. In fact, most businesses would benefit from strategically choosing the social media platform that best suits their business, and sticking with that one only, or focusing on it as their primary social media platform and using ...

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Ad Retargeting Increases Conversion Rates

Ad retargeting is how businesses turn online window shoppers—people who are just browsing through products—into buyers.  Only about 2% of online shoppers purchase a product the first time they visit a website.  The other 98% of customers have to be brought back to the website after they have walked away without purchasing. Ad retargeting is the way that businesses bring window shoppers back to their websites, and convert those browsers and non-sales clicks into sales and revenue.  The rate at which customers are converted from casual browsers to buyers is referred to as that website’s “conversion rate.” What Ad Retargeting ...

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Expand Your Brand with Viral Sweepstakes

Creating a viral online sweepstakes is a great way to increase the visibility and popularity of your business and your brand.  A sweepstakes is a great addition to existing social media marketing campaign, but many business owners may wonder how exactly the concept of a sweepstakes ties in with the idea of social media marketing. Viral The idea of “viral” ties in with the use of social media to reach a large number of consumers by creating a post—or in this case, a sweepstakes—that is shared and shared again an exponential number of times.  Marketers use the term “viral” in ...

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