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Marketing Hurdles to Overcome for Startups

If you are an entrepreneur, then you probably know that starting your own startup is both a challenge and a thrilling experience. In terms of the challenges, you are faced with many. You need to obtain funding, you need a strong workforce, and you need a team that believes in your exact vision when it comes to the product or service that you are trying to bring into the market. In addition to these elements, there is also one very important element that you need – a quality marketing plan. For a startup entrepreneur, the marketing may be the most ...

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An Example of Brand Marketing Pitfalls

If you’ve been following the news lately, and there has been a lot of news, then you’ve probably notice the negative press that some of the world’s largest soda brands are getting – particularly Coca-Cola. The most recent negative press that Coca-Cola has been getting revolves around its Diet Coke line of Cola. As news sources put it, it seems that Americans are falling out-of-love with the soda. Statistics show that sales have dropped 15 percent in the last two years, which is close to a third since 2005. As every brand knows, when one item falls out of popularity, ...

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Facebook Marketing: Loosing Likes Affects Your Brand

The advent and proliferation of social media has been one of the most beneficial marketing tools for brands in recent years. With social media, brands are not only able to gain more widespread recognition, but they are also able to instantly interact with their followers. One particular social media platform that has truly exceeded the popularity of other social media platforms is Facebook. When using Facebook marketing, there is also one feature that has allowed brands to prosper, and that is the “like” button. While some brands view this feature to be a bit irrelevant, the truth is that this ...

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Understanding Mobile Marketing

There are many ways that you can market your product to the public. Some of the most popular marketing methods include email newsletters, flyers, social media activity, and reaching out to customers by offering them financial incentives to purchase your products. However, one marketing method that typically gets overlooked is mobile marketing. The main reason that this marketing trend is overlooked is that marketing professionals are not quite certain how effective mobile marketing is. Some argue that the other marketing methods are much more advantageous and provide a greater rate of return. While this may hold some truth, the fact ...

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The Importance of Your Brand Promise

For any individual in the field of marketing, there are a number of important facets to be aware of. When it comes to marketing your brand, there are certain strategies that can having the effect of either making your brand or breaking your brand. One of the most important and useful strategies out there is to always ensure that your brand’s promise truly comports with what your brand is delivering your customers. To ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to your own brand’s promise, below is an overview of how to achieve a strong brand ...

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