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Retargeting and You

Retargeting is a hot topic in the online advertising space. If you aren’t using it as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you’re probably being retargeted right now by someone who is. Despite the fact that retargeting (referred to as re-marketing by Google) has become an established part of the digital marketing lexicon, many marketers are still unfamiliar with how it works and when it should be used. What exactly is Retargeting? Retargeting is the practice of serving ads based on prior engagement; technically, it is cookie-based technology that relies on Javascript code to trail your audience anonymously all ...

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Making Mobile Marketing Magnificent

It’s quite amazing how much human behavior has changed over the past two decades when it comes to mobile devices. Simply doing a little people watching while at your local mall or at a restaurant will give you a good idea of just how much modern generations are using their mobile devices in any and all situations. Statistics from Smart Insights point out that there are over 1.6 billion mobile device users in the world today and that the average time spent on mobile devices turns out to be an astonishing average of 2.8 hours a day in the year ...

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Sales Funnel: Climbing the Steps to Success

A sales funnel can be described as a visual representation of the steps to take to successfully convert visitors. Essentially, a sales funnel is a marketing system; it’s the “ideal” route you intend your consumers to experience as they go from Prospect -> Lead -> Satisfied Customer -> Repeat Buyer. A sales funnel will also show you how many possible conversions you have in each stage of your sales cycle, as well as detailing your conversion rates for each stage. What is a Sales Funnel Measuring its Health and Success? There are four crucial metrics that can tell you the ...

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Lead Harvesting

Getting new leads coming in on a regular basis and acquiring new customers can be pretty tricky. Thankfully, these days it’s possible to have leads pouring in by the hundreds without needing to spend a ton of money on marketing. There are countless ways to generate leads and reach new customers through digital marketing. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the most effective online strategies. Advertising in Search and Social Media One of the quickest and easiest ways to get leads rolling in is to setup an advertisement campaign. Online, this is most often done through major search ...

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Quality Content: Why it Matters

Ever since major search engine, Google, went on a warpath with multiple updates to its ranking algorithm, focusing on the perceived value of a website based on its content, the phrase “content is king” has never been more accurate. Quality content has become a major key to obtaining awesome positions in search engines for competitive phrases. Quality Trumps Quantity While having a lot of decent content on your website is good and will pave the way to ranking well for some low to medium competition terms, quality wins nearly every time. Why? Well, 5 well-written, organized posts tend to perform a ...

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