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Blog Contests – Why They are Your Ticket to Mass Traffic

If you have never explored the benefits of a blog competition, then now really is the time. I have started seeing more and more of my competition and colleagues using this tactic to reel in new visitors on a DAILY basis, and it is now becoming a viral thing. The thing with a competition is – you need people to enter it. Not only that – you need something to give away. So let’s take some case studies, and see if we can’t cover some good niches.

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Down with Niche Keyword Brainstorming!

Do you hate brainstorming? It is a genuinely horrible feeling when you are sat staring at the PC screen, with relative calm, trying to think of the next niche to attack. I’ve covered some great niche finding methods on the blog in the past, and this one is just about the best brainstorming method you can use when you’re in a hurry. Google, along with a few other search engines and shopping sites have a suggest feature. These features allow us to have keywords presented to us that may or may not be relevant. Some of the best irrelevant Google ...

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Google Insights – Tapping into the Good Stuff

Google Insights is a very underused tool indeed. It is very rare that you will see it mentioned on major internet marketing forums, and yet it provides a wealth of information. To get the best from it, you need to be signed into your Google account, and thats pretty much the only stipulation preventing you from using it to full effect. There are a few tricks you can use to leverage Google Insights, and with the information you gather, you can start putting content on your sight that is going to get you dedicated readership. Your first step is to ...

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How to Drive Traffic Using Google Images

Yesterday we discussed the potential of Google Images, and why we should use it. As you know, if you use Google images right you can create a flood of laser targeted traffic to any website you own. Well, there is more to the actual “Google Images” equation to cover. This post will give you the insight you need to start ranking your images on there, and see some traffic.

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Facebook Ads – Start a Conversation

Facebook has had a meteoric rise in popularity with internet marketing, and there are now ebooks abound for tapping into it’s many ways of advertising and increasing traffic to your sites and products. One of the best ways, as always, is PPC on Facebook. You can expect to see thousands of geo and demographically targeted visitors hitting your page for much less than Google Adwords or similar PPC methods. In fact, if done right, Facebook advertising can be one of the most cost effective paid advertising methods available to you and when you consider that Facebook has over 150 Million ...

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