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How to Create Eye Catching Subheadings on your Sales Page

When you create a sales page for an eBook, or for a squeeze page, you need to pay attention to the quality of the headlines. When a visitor hits that page, they should not see incorrect font sizes from one word to the next, or blocky graphics. This short tutorial should help you create great looking, almost professional subheadings very quickly and without any major expense. If you do not have a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or similar, then you will need one for this little tutorial. The tutorial images are from Paint Shop Pro. Create a ...

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Writing a Tutorial – Can it Get you Traffic?

The secret to making people like you, and buy into you as a person, is to give them something they enjoy – for free. We see it every day on forums and sites, marketers offering a free ebook, in return for an email address. Once that marketer has your email address, they will then start to give you more cool free stuff, and maybe one day offer you a guide that is heavily discounted, just for the people on their list. This is awesome all round. Not only are the marketers building a happy database of possible future clients, but ...

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Compulsive Ebook Buying: How to Break the Cycle

When you first get the tingle, and want to begin your adventure working online in Internet Marketing, you will begin to fill your hard drive with eBooks about marketing. You will enjoy it at first, and will possibly make a lot of progress in areas that you were not comfortable before.  The Warrior Forum and Digital Point forums are of course great bastions for internet marketing learning material, and priced at low prices that are often just too tempting to pass up.

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Join the Carnival, and Build Backlinks!

Getting backlinks can be difficult without the right tools, and if you have the right tools, you may also want another weapon in your arsenal. Chances are you have never heard of a ‘blog carnival’, but you may very well want to investigate them after you read this article. The best way to describe a blog carnival is “a travelling post which is built around a common theme”. For instance, let’s say it is called the Carnival of the Backlink Builders. This post is going to be about backlink building. This post is built up of a short description and ...

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The Most Overlooked Business Marketing and Traffic Generation Method?

If you have been struggling with your business marketing, trying desperately to get traffic to your products, even though you have offered discounts upon discounts in the forum circles you move in. You’ve tweeted nonstop about how great it is. You’ve submitted daily Facebook status updates – and you’re still not getting much traffic, then here’s something you may have overlooked. Whilst you may have been getting good traffic from forums with your discount coupons, you are still in a fairly limited arena. Yes, there may be ways to bump or promote your listing on the forum, but that is ...

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