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Mobile Apps for IM?

You may have seen the mobile eBooks, iPhone apps, Android apps and Facebook apps that are tipped to be the biggest thing on the internet since time began. Well, the problem with these apps is that nobody has a real idea about how their business can actually get into the marketplace and stand alongside the already well placed companies. If you have an eBook or product you think would appeal to mobile users, who want to access your content on the move, the process is quite simple.

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Finding out the Real Monthly Search Count

It is genuinely difficult to get a straight answer from Google and MSN etc. about how many monthly searches you will get for a given keyword. There are tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and Insights that may help, and even Adwords tools that can give you an idea, but nothing concrete that you can say “Yes – this keyword gets 300 searches a day – its golden,”. So, trial and error ensues, and you will develop a site based on the keywords Google say get x amount of searches per day. There is one method that will give you ...

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The Live Experiment

A quick look over a business forum will tell you that there are certain ways to attract hundreds of people to a thread, and make an obscene amount of money for free information. These threads are pretty hard to pick out, because it is easy to get engrossed in good quality content on forums, and you never sit back and think “Hey, I ought to do something like that.” This secret little tip has been earning  clever forum marketers (because that’s what they are – not forum members) a lot of money since forums were invented. It’s a method that ...

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Niche Product Review Webmaster? Check this Out

When you are running a blog or website reviewing products, the chances are that you start on Amazon, with the best selling products. The only problem with this, is that there are probably 500,000 other bloggers doing the same thing, trying to keep up with the biggest sellers on Amazon. At this point, you will need a backup site. Where else can you find products that are best sellers…?

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The Effective Presell

Where most products fall down, is the presell. To get a prospect warmed up to your sales pitch, or to your product, you have to have a perfect presell, and this can be in the form of an article off-site at an article directory, or even a paid blog post on a popular blog. The main point is, you have to have a good presell, that gets the reader hooked enough to want to click through to your site in the first place You could argue, of course, that your traffic comes from email ads or from other sources, but ...

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