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Post Your Blog on Facebook?

Everyone should use Facebook for at least one aspect of their blog’s marketing. That’s almost a fact. Just about every entrepreneur blog will tell you that you should be implementing their social plugins, or posting to your Facebook page wall with your RSS feed… and for some people that sounds like a lot of work. Sure, the social plugins have got much easier, being copy and paste – but what about feeding your Facebook page with cool blog content for your Facebook only readers? What could be better than a seamless join from your page to your blog – complete ...

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How to Upset People and Make Money

Frankly, that title is misleading. I did it on purpose, however, to make a point. When people read a title, and then they view a page that gives them the opposite of that information, they do one of two things; they click back, or they read WHY the information has changed. Depending on your subject matter, they’ll stick around. Here’s why:

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To Pop Up or Not Pop Up?

You will have noticed that there are lots of alternatives to popups on blogs now. They are impossible to block using normal popup blockers, as the coding has got much better in recent years, and browsers don’t even see it coming. Whilst some popups are plain annoying, in the IM world, marketers use them properly, to ask you if you want to sign up for their subscription services or just to let you know about a freebie. That’s just fine, and has always been the norm online.

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The Great Big Overhaul

It’s imperative that every once in a while you take a good long look at your blog or website, and you make a note of all the things you are unhappy with, and write a list of things to do to improve it. Most bloggers do this as they go, but once you get waylaid with content and competitions, and keeping your list up to date with fresh information etc. It can be the last thing on your mind to remove some out of date banners. All you have to do is set aside one day per month to jot ...

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How To Be a Hero In 7 Days

Seven days is not a long time, although you can accomplish a hell of a lot if you put your mind to it. For example, what if you could expand your list AND your traffic AND your profit in just seven days, and I could teach you this in under seven minutes? Would you be interested? Then read on. There are two things all internet marketers should have, and should keep in great shape – a list, and a blog. Your list is you immediate money maker, and should always be kept up to date with what you are doing. ...

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