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12 Tips for Creating Internet Marketing Campaigns That Rock – Part 1

Research Phase Tip #1 – Choose a niche that already has competition.  Why?  It shows that others are already making money within that given niche, which is a good indicator that you can as well.  Unless you’ve stumbled across a goldmine micro niche, a niche with no competitors could mean that there is not enough money in it for anyone to properly monetize.  It’s far less risky to choose a niche that is already proven to produce. Tip #2 – Narrow down your audience.  Markets such as the “Health and Fitness” niche or the “Make Money Online” niche are absolutely ...

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The Ultimate Time Management Plan for Internet Marketing

Benjamin Franklin coined the term “Time is money.” Though wrote these words in 1748, the meaning still holds true today.  Internet marketing can be tough, competitive and most of all, time consuming. There is no such thing as a “set it and forget it” business plan.  Everything must be coordinated correctly and takes continuous effort over the course of months and often times, many years.  So how will you allocate your time? Will you spend tireless amounts of hours on internet forums or trying to create a website banner from scratch? How about generating enough content so that search engines ...

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Affiliate Marketing vs. Creating Your Own Product

The age old question — which is the best option for Internet Marketers?  Should you get involved with affiliate marketing or create your own product?  If you took a group of 100 successful Internet Marketers, you would most likely get mixed reviews from all 100.  The answer is actually quite simple.  The “best” is subjective.  Both have their pros and their cons.  Both can be extremely profitable revenue sources if employed correctly.  It is up to you, as the marketer, to decide which option suits your needs.  There is no right or wrong route as both affiliate marketing and creating ...

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5 Marketing Mistakes that Could be Killing Your Business

Day after day, month after month, marketing entrepreneurs all over the world work on building their business and expanding their brand.  Whether they are motivated by money, the possibility of building something of value, influencing others, or simply the intent to help, the end goal is always the same — to generate sales.  Unfortunately, many marketers oftentimes shoot themselves in the foot and make success an uphill battle. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequent marketing mistakes, and how they could be negatively impacting your business.  Taking a One Size Fits All Approach – A successful ...

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Digging a Little Deeper With Your Keywords

When you are niche hunting, or keyword gathering, its a good idea to actually dig as deep as possible. People tend to only go so far with their research, instead of using keyword modifiers or digging further into the niche. For example, if you were looking to start a niche blog that was aimed at people searching for a Canon digital camera, then you could use lots of different keyword modifiers to get that type of traffic. Words like “reviews” and “opinions” spring to mind – but should you stop there? Certainly not, I would say, because there are much ...

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