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Marketing to the Masses: Understanding the Inner Consumer

Achieving internet marketing success is more than just creating products and sales pages with flashy text that promise fulfillment. Sure, this will work in some cases, but the initial success may be fleeting. Some simply strike gold. However, the REAL key to success is understanding WHY people make the buying choices that they do. It’s through this understanding that will allow you to replicate this initial success over and over again in any niche that you decide to enter. Believe it or not, the majority of consumers (myself included) have a sort of “buyer’s mindset.” Deep within our subconscious, we ...

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The Side of Internet Marketing the Other Guys Won’t Tell You About

There is so much more to IM than most successful marketers are willing to divulge. It is the most important aspect of building a business (aside from having a kickass offer), yet so few actually know how to do it properly. Over the years, the state of internet marketing has changed greatly. The websites are not the same, many of the practices are not the same, and the consumers are not the same. With approximately 1 billion websites live today, you must offer a “little of something different” than your competitors in order to stand out. This “little of something ...

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Building Mailing Lists of Pure Buyers

If you have ever been involved with Internet marketing you are bound to have heard the phrase “The money is in the list” right? Well, for a long time I have been saying just how false and misleading that truly is and apparently that has been a controversial standpoint. Many people have been preaching that you need to build a list, market to them and you will have a flood of sales making you more money than you can count. Well if enough people say it, it must be true right? …. Uh no, that’s not strictly true.

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Selling on Your Site

If you are selling products from your website, you may need to know how to actually deliver the product without having to actually implement an eCommerce CMS (Content Management System) into your blog or HTML site. If you are an Internet Marketer, and you would also like to involve your autoresponder (such as AWeber), then you need to be a little creative with the landing page for the form, and the actual delivery. Normally, this is how it would work; a customer would buy from your website, and you would then receive payment through Paypal for example. The next phase ...

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