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Using YouTube to Boost Your Bottom Line

YouTube has been a cultural staple since its inception in 2005. Back then, YouTube was little more than a fun place to share interesting or funny videos; today, it has grown into an incredibly diverse place chock full of just about any type of information that you could possibly wish to find. A lot of businesses have jumped on the YouTube bandwagon, as well, many of which are finding it to be extremely helpful in building up their customer base and boosting their bottom line. I know, I know – learning yet another new tool for the computer can be ...

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Sponsorship Deals for the Uninitiated

Sponsorship deals these days can be for anything from the Super Bowl down to a child’s toy from a restaurant. We are bombarded gently or aggressively by advertising companies who are getting their clients’ name out to us by any means necessary. You want to know the truth? It works. You can use the very same tactics with the most popular mediums on the internet today, and not spend a single penny.

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