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Local mobile marketing

Local Mobile Marketing Tactics

Local mobile marketing takes your regular marketing to a new level. Mobile marketing is now taking up over a 50% share of online profits in some niches, many of which are IM-related. More people than ever are searching from their iPads and other tablet devices, not to mention their Blackberry phones and iPhones. If your site is not already mobile friendly, you’re way behind the curve. Local mobile marketing takes a little different perspective than regular mobile marketing. It will obviously be a little bit easier if you’re writing a generic blog about how to get rid of acne that ...

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Social media photos

Social Media Photos for Your Business

Social media photos that drive traffic to your website and convert into sales are hard to take if you don’t have a photo-friendly business. That’s why it’s frustrating for a number of internet marketers who read about how much they need to be present in image-driven social media. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram and TwitPic-ing, as well as Facebook photo tagging for discussion topics are all great ways to build your follower list and drive traffic, but what if you don’t have a business that lends itself to photo-taking? This is what many business owners ask themselves as they read ...

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Outsourcing benefits

Outsourcing Benefits: Say Goodbye to Micro Management

Outsourcing benefits are too numerous to count if you have a large internet marketing company with many varied needs. The benefits aren’t so fantastic if you’re a one-man show with a small budget, but overall, almost any IM outfit can reap outsourcing benefits if they are chosen correctly. If you don’t like doing everything yourself, then you’re a great candidate for reaping outsourcing benefits, because you already have a mindset that is ideal for outsourcing. But there’s a fine line between outsourcing just enough to get the job done and so much that you stretch your budget a hair too ...

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Buying Ebooks

Buying eBooks to Get Started with Internet Marketing

Buying eBooks to get a head start on internet marketing might not seem like a bad idea at first. But once you start on that path, you have to take caution that you don’t start relying on buying eBooks to do all the work for you. Success in internet marketing involves taking action, and simply reading about others taking action won’t do the trick. A lot of newbie marketers get into what some experts call “hope in a box syndrome.” After buying eBooks, software, video packs and memberships to the websites of IM gurus, the newbie relies on everything he or she ...

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Natural search optimization

Natural Search Optimization: Optimizing Organic Search Sites

Natural search optimization involves making your website appealing to the search engines when visitors type in a search query. The more optimized your website is, the better chances you’ll have of a search engine like Google choosing to put your website at the top of the search results. Natural search optimization takes more time to develop initially, but it will cost you a lot less in the long run. The only direct alternative to natural search optimization is pay-per-click, which can get pretty costly depending upon the niche and how long you choose to run the campaign. Natural Search Optimization ...

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