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Build an Email List

Build an Email List to Increase Sales

Build an email list to promote your website and make sales – that’s what you hear all the internet marketing gurus tell you. But how do you start building your own list? And what’s so special about email marketing that makes it such a necessary addition to your business? Knowing how to build an email list – and keeping it hot – is a marketing strategy that will serve your website well when you launch a new product or put one of your existing products on sale. Whether you plan to sell your on products or affiliate products – or ...

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Affiliate Marketing Blog

Affiliate Marketing Blog: Turning Your Blog into Cash

Affiliate marketing blog ideas abound across the web. There are dozens of ways to make a constant stream of income from your blog, even if it’s not set up to make money right now. Most blogs begin as fledgling projects. Their authors get all excited at the inception of the blog, then they spend a few days creating a header, picking a template and writing their first few blog posts. Then the next week, they get distracted with work, school, or their kids, and they abandon their blog project. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Getting Serious About Blogging If you’re going to ...

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Twitter Guide

Twitter Guide: Promote Your Websites on Twitter

Twitter guide books aren’t necessarily few and far between, but when was the last time you read one that really helped your business? You probably don’t remember. Or perhaps you’ve never thought about using a Twitter guide to show you how to use Twitter to promote your online business, so you never bothered to read one. This Twitter guide will help change your perspective on using Twitter as a promotional tool. There are several reasons that you should employ Twitter in your marketing tactics, and here are just a spattering of examples.

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Selling on Your Site

If you are selling products from your website, you may need to know how to actually deliver the product without having to actually implement an eCommerce CMS (Content Management System) into your blog or HTML site. If you are an Internet Marketer, and you would also like to involve your autoresponder (such as AWeber), then you need to be a little creative with the landing page for the form, and the actual delivery. Normally, this is how it would work; a customer would buy from your website, and you would then receive payment through Paypal for example. The next phase ...

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Autoresponder Power

Most people are wasting their autoresponder power. They are too busy chasing the first buck from an upsell to their list, which comes in the first email sent out by the marketer. Some people think this is the best time to hit a new subscriber, and some think it is too soon – preferring to go in with freebies for two weeks, and then upsell later. As with most things, I err on the side of caution, and go with something in between, and with extra value to the subscriber. Whenever you get a new subscriber to your list, you ...

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