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Types of SEO

Types of SEO Helps You Shouldn’t Overlook

Types of SEO strategies you shouldn’t overlook include unconventional marketing ideas that many internet marketers completely forget about. They get so wrapped up in pleasing Google and other search engines that they forget one vital ingredient – the personal touch. In this guide, we’re going to talk about how you can add this personal touch to your website, videos, blog posts, tweets – anything you use to communicate with your audience and build your content base online. These types of SEO helps should assist you immensely in spurring interest with your readers. Types of SEO Involving Contests You wouldn’t believe ...

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YouTube optimization

YouTube Optimization: Getting Your Videos Searched

YouTube optimization is all about getting your videos crawled in the search engines. Much like articles, you can use keyword phrases to help searchers find your videos. However, videos do not have the searchability of written content, so you can’t rely on words alone to help you get views. It may seem like YouTube optimization is pretty fruitless if you can’t use regular methods of optimization to attract viewers. After all, if you can’t put words in the video that can be searched through a search engine, what are you left with? It’s pretty hard to search the videos in ...

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wordpress ping list

Ultimate WordPress Ping List

This is the ultimate WordPress ping list for pinging your site when ever you make a post on your blog or when you want to get your page indexed worldwide. It is a fact that pinging your page is one of the fastest ways to get your page indexed by the big 3 search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. Pinging is a basic process that notifies blog search engines that you have made an update to your site and lets everyone who may be looking for information related to the topics you target find you easily so having a good WordPress ping ...

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Capitalize on Google Video Advertising

Google knew they were on to a good thing with YouTube, and that’s why they paid the equivalent to a country’s national debt to make sure they owned it. YouTube is a way of life now for most people, bringing us closer to millions of real people, and closer to fame than ever before. It may be news to some people, but YouTube is not the only video platform that Google has (and I don’t mean Google videos either). In the AdWords theme, you are now able to rock and roll in minutes with a video advertising platform that sits ...

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3 Ways to Improve Your Blog Post Titles

If you struggle to think of a witty and clever title for your blog post, then maybe you shouldn’t be trying to be witty or clever? If you think about it, people don’t really care if it is making their sides split, or making them question their ethics as they click – they just want relevancy. The very first pointer in this article is to make a list. The title of this post actually speaks better to a reader than many other methods.

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