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Build a landing page

Build a Landing Page That Converts

Build a landing page that drives traffic and turns into conversions for your business, and you will be on your way to success in both the online and offline markets. There are certain formulas that funnel customers from the top to the bottom of the page and ending at a strong call to action that will eventually drive crazy conversions for you – if you do it right. Remember that you have to consider being Google friendly when starting to build a landing page. Google bans users who don’t comply with their guidelines, so always be sure to check with ...

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Best seo practices

Best SEO Practices for Your Website

Best SEO practices are kind of one size fits all type of practice. Ordinarily, when you want to start a website, you have to make all sorts of decisions as to how you want to format it, which graphics you need, how it should be coded and so forth. But when it comes to best SEO practices, the search engines tend to treat everyone (almost) the same. It’s best to start good SEO habits early. As the term implies, whatever you start with becomes a “habit.” That means if you take a half-baked approach to content and mix a little ...

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keyword search tool

Keyword Search Tool: Tricks for Finding Keywords

 Keyword search tool options are often available for free. There’s no reason that you have to purchase expensive keyword search software right away, especially if you’re new to internet marketing. There are enough free ways to find keywords that even the experts use instead of paid alternatives, so you don’t have to feel as though you’re being left behind by using free versions. Online keyword search tool options are often pretty straightforward to use. However, once the actual keyword selection process is drawn up, you have to use specific criteria for selecting which ones will work for your needs. WordTracker ...

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Google PPC

Google PPC: Managing a Google AdWords Campaign

Google PPC marketing is some of the most effective on the Web. Google enjoys more search traffic than Yahoo and MSN, which gives you the opportunity to get your ads in front of more people for the money you spend. However, Google PPC can get quite expensive, especially with keywords that you might choose for a particular affiliate program that many other marketers are also promoting. You will enjoy less independence when writing ads and choosing targeted keywords with Google PPC marketing than on other networks. Google PPC tries to be very user-oriented, and as a result sets stricter guidelines ...

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Best article sites

Best Article Sites for Internet Marketing Articles

Best article sites for submitting your internet marketing articles to have changed their policies quite a bit over the past year. Some sites, like Ezine Articles, were always a little on the strict side to begin with, but with the advent of the “Google Panda” or “Farmer” updates made early in 2011, many internet marketers were sent scurrying to back to their affiliate platforms to find more reputable products and better keywords. The best article sites changed their policies while the not-so-reputable ones did not. Now granted, the latter of this group represents sites that aren’t as popular as directories ...

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