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Quality Content: Why it Matters

Ever since major search engine, Google, went on a warpath with multiple updates to its ranking algorithm, focusing on the perceived value of a website based on its content, the phrase “content is king” has never been more accurate. Quality content has become a major key to obtaining awesome positions in search engines for competitive phrases. Quality Trumps Quantity While having a lot of decent content on your website is good and will pave the way to ranking well for some low to medium competition terms, quality wins nearly every time. Why? Well, 5 well-written, organized posts tend to perform a ...

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Mastering Google AdSense for Maximum Profits

Many internet users are taking the leap from casual web-browsers to serious internet experts.  This is because it has become possible to make real money working from home on the internet.  If you have your own website already, you have probably looked into the many ways that you can start bringing in money through the website. There are a number of different ways to do this, but they can all be quite daunting to the new internet entrepreneur.  Google AdSense has realized that website builders need a more streamlined way to bring in profit from all of their hard work ...

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link building strategy

Linkbuilding Done Right: Playing By The Rules For Big Results

Link building is an absolute necessity for obtaining rank within the SERPs. In the online world, links are similar to votes, indicating that a certain page is popular and worth reading. This is an effective measure that Google uses to gauge where your site should sit within the search results. The more popular a site is, the higher the likelihood that search engines will place it towards the top, subsequently increasing organic traffic, and potential revenue. Not only will backlinks improve a site’s standing, but they will also help spread brand awareness and could be an extremely useful source for ...

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The Silo Structure: Skyrocket Your Rankings with this One Simple Trick

Despite our vast technological advancements over the years, one thing still remains true; computer programs must follow certain parameters set forth by their creators. Google’s algorithm works in the same manner. Despite what many people may believe, Google’s algorithm is a program and is not infallible. Whether we like to believe it or not, it simply cannot view websites the same as you or I. With over one billion live websites and likely hundreds of billions of pages to scroll through regularly, this can be a daunting task even for Google’s crawlers. In order to expedite the process, these crawlers ...

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seo in 2014 and beyond

SEO For 2014….And BEYOND

If you haven’t noticed already, Google seems to have an agenda. In 2013 alone, they introduced 15 total updates. Some were minor and hardly even noticeable, while others such as penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird created some waves within the marketing community.  In September, I created a post entitled SEO for 2014 which covered a few of the basic practices that will garner results in the next year.  Today, we’re going to go cover what I expect will occur to SEO, not just in 2014, but in the following years as well. By understanding what Google is trying to do with ...

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