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Google local

Google Places Becomes Google Local

If you didn’t freak out when you logged into Google and found that your Google Places page had been transformed overnight into a Google Local page, then your business probably doesn’t hinge on being found locally. For those of us who run a business based both locally and online, our hearts shot through the roofs of our homes. We all know that garbage hits the fan when Google makes huge changes like this, and I figured I would be waking up to no exception. You can imagine my relief when I looked at our newly created page and found that ...

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Local mobile marketing

Local Mobile Marketing Tactics

Local mobile marketing takes your regular marketing to a new level. Mobile marketing is now taking up over a 50% share of online profits in some niches, many of which are IM-related. More people than ever are searching from their iPads and other tablet devices, not to mention their Blackberry phones and iPhones. If your site is not already mobile friendly, you’re way behind the curve. Local mobile marketing takes a little different perspective than regular mobile marketing. It will obviously be a little bit easier if you’re writing a generic blog about how to get rid of acne that ...

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Online review management

Online Review Management: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Online review management is a sensitive task to tackle. Your hands are tied in a number of ways, both from a technical standpoint and from a moral standpoint. On the one hand, you have online review hubs like Google Maps/Places and Yelp that impose strict guidelines on what owners can and cannot say in response to reviews. On the other, you have very little control over what disgruntled employees or angry customers say in a review about your business. While you have to pay attention to your online review management to a certain extent, you can’t let every bad review ...

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Google search optimization

Google Search Optimization: Playing Up to Google

Google search optimization seems to be more of what today’s SEO is all about rather than search optimization to please the rest of the search engines. After all, you don’t hear internet marketers talking about making Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing or Dogpile happy, do you? Nope. It’s all about Google, or so it seems. Google search optimization is tough to accomplish, especially when their rules aren’t crystal clear and it seems their algorithms are ever-changing. But as hard as it might seem, it is possible to make Google happy – while maintaining your sanity. Google Search Optimization: Backlinking Whenever you ...

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Local search SEO

Local Search SEO: How to be Prevalent

Local search SEO is a different beast from national and international search, but the themes are still the same. All you have to do is take the knowledge you have from regular SEO and apply to localizing it. It might sound like a complicated process, but when you break it down, it’s not. Local search SEO isn’t just about placing the right keywords in all the right places. It’s about networking with other businesses in your area, getting restaurants, doctor’s offices, car dealerships and more to make friends with you and link to your website. Chances are, some of these ...

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