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Are Online Ads Necessary Anymore?

With all the stuff you read about social media and word of mouth searching and buying these days, you might beg the question, “Are online ads even necessary anymore?” Considering that Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have pretty much taken over, it’s a question well worth asking.

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Local search optimization

Local Search Optimization: New Techniques to Implement

Local search optimization takes on a totally different structure than regular SEO. This is especially evidenced in Google’s recent updates, where they slapped many Google Maps pages, an action that negatively affected the SEO of many business who relied on Google Maps as their main source of traffic. And while there’s no way you can possibly prevent or predict every Google update that comes down the pike, stay up to date with Google’s latest changes and upcoming tweaks never hurts. In this guide, we’ll go over a little bit of what you need to know differently between regular SEO and ...

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Online review management

Online Review Management: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Online review management is a sensitive task to tackle. Your hands are tied in a number of ways, both from a technical standpoint and from a moral standpoint. On the one hand, you have online review hubs like Google Maps/Places and Yelp that impose strict guidelines on what owners can and cannot say in response to reviews. On the other, you have very little control over what disgruntled employees or angry customers say in a review about your business. While you have to pay attention to your online review management to a certain extent, you can’t let every bad review ...

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Google search optimization

Google Search Optimization: Playing Up to Google

Google search optimization seems to be more of what today’s SEO is all about rather than search optimization to please the rest of the search engines. After all, you don’t hear internet marketers talking about making Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing or Dogpile happy, do you? Nope. It’s all about Google, or so it seems. Google search optimization is tough to accomplish, especially when their rules aren’t crystal clear and it seems their algorithms are ever-changing. But as hard as it might seem, it is possible to make Google happy – while maintaining your sanity. Google Search Optimization: Backlinking Whenever you ...

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SEO location

SEO Location: Why Location is so Important

SEO location is crucial to include in your SEO strategy. Why? This guide will delve a little bit into the reasons behind making sure everything you post online for a local business should be tracked back to a city name – or several city names, for that matter. SEO location makes your posts, photos and videos search engine friendly in several ways. First of all, it helps Google track where exactly your business is located. Secondly, it helps Google pair your potential customers with your business. Third, it makes your business more relevant when someone in your area is searching ...

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