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seo in 2014 and beyond

SEO For 2014….And BEYOND

If you haven’t noticed already, Google seems to have an agenda. In 2013 alone, they introduced 15 total updates. Some were minor and hardly even noticeable, while others such as penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird created some waves within the marketing community.  In September, I created a post entitled SEO for 2014 which covered a few of the basic practices that will garner results in the next year.  Today, we’re going to go cover what I expect will occur to SEO, not just in 2014, but in the following years as well. By understanding what Google is trying to do with ...

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Google Hummingbird: What Does this Mean for Your Business?

Another day, another animal update. The night before its 15th birthday, Google announced the release of a new update that has some marketers in a frenzy. It seems that these updates are becoming more frequent, which may actually bode well for your business…if you’re doing things the RIGHT way. Little did people know, this update has been silently fluttering its little wings for about a month prior to the announcement. For some, this may be an outstanding addition, while for others, not so much.  This new algorithm is designed to provide faster query results, in a more precise manner, focusing ...

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