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Advertising: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

For those who have experience dabbling in paid search and have had encounters working with a wide range of industries, it's stunning to perceive how much normal cost per clicks can shift. By and large, if the product is economical, the normal cost per click will likewise be low. On the other hand, if the finished product is generally costly at that point we expect a high CPC because advertisers can rationalize costs.

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4 Simple Facebook Marketing Tips to Maximize Your Profits

Facebook has been around for quite a while now and there is a lot of controversy in regards to it being a valuable tool to gain exposure for your business or you personally or if it is just a drain on your time and resources. Interestingly enough, those that do really succeed with Facebook tend to keep quite about it. With over 210 Million active users, covering every market and interest available, this is a captured audience for business and can be incredibly lucrative if a business can capitalize on this social media phenomenon that can dramatically increase traffic and ...

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Digging For Diamonds

On the subject of keywords, one can argue that the more you have to optimize your page, the better. With a page just pasted in really good LSI keywords, and some main niche keywords, you will struggle to get no traffic. Lower competition and longer tail keywords make up a lot of a page’s traffic, so it’s always best to have as many variations as possible. Here’s a great tip for digging these LSI keywords up, that has you recycling results over and over for the keywords you want. I spoke about Google AdWords’ great little tool for checking the ...

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The War of the Words

Whether you know it or not, there is a war being fought right now on the internet. It’s a war of attrition, that will be fought through generations of internet marketing gurus and newbies. That war – is the war of the keywords. Everybody’s take on keywords is different, and most will agree that the only real way to find out if a keyword will be good for your business, is to do some live testing. Often, marketers will try a keyword on Google AdWords for a week or so, to see if the keywords do actually get any traffic ...

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If I Gave You $5000 Right Now…

What would you spend it on? Most people would spend it on marketing, and buying solo ad mailings, or maybe even Adwords. So, if you sat down right now, and I gave you one minute to write as many methods of marketing you would pay for with $5000, it would probably take you just a few seconds, because you would spread it out over maybe two or three of the big names like Google Adwords and MSN ads. Naturally this would cost $5000 in no time, and you would see a return on investment. But would it be enough?

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