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Making Your Affiliate Site Phone-Friendly

Mobile friendly sites are more profitable than non-mobile friendly sites in this era of internet marketing than they ever were before. The statistics behind this phenomenon become ever more staggering. You know a trend is here to stay when Google writes a whole book about it (which they aptly titled, “The Mobile Playbook,” available for free online). As I’ve touched on in many posts before, making your site mobile friendly is more important than ever. If your site can’t be seen on a mobile device, you’re not going to make any sales from potential customers who are without a doubt ...

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daily blogging

Daily Blogging: Keeping Up with it for Real

Daily blogging is harder than it sounds. Everyone thinks they have it within themselves to sit down and contribute one post per day to their blogs. But how many actually do? Not as many as you would expect. The thing about having high aspirations for internet marketing versus the actual drive for it is that those with aspirations often put their goals on too high of a pedestal for human reach. Those with the drive, though, are often burned out quickly, so there really isn’t a good emotion to pinpoint as the one you should have as an internet marketer. ...

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Best seo practices

Best SEO Practices for Your Website

Best SEO practices are kind of one size fits all type of practice. Ordinarily, when you want to start a website, you have to make all sorts of decisions as to how you want to format it, which graphics you need, how it should be coded and so forth. But when it comes to best SEO practices, the search engines tend to treat everyone (almost) the same. It’s best to start good SEO habits early. As the term implies, whatever you start with becomes a “habit.” That means if you take a half-baked approach to content and mix a little ...

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Best social media practices

Best Social Media Practices: What You’re Overlooking

Best social media practices don’t stop at updating your Facebook and Twitter statuses every couple of days. Far from it, in fact. If you want to stay ahead in the game, you’ve got to have your social media tentacles out everywhere from Tumbler and Twitter to Facebook and Foursquare. When some businesses think of best social media practices and social networking, they often think they’re wasting their time. After all, they might just be marketing to 12-year-olds who only click “like” and stop at that, for all they know. But in reality, anyone who’s anybody is clicking “like” these days. ...

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Types of keywords

Types of Keywords: Picking the Right Keywords for the Task

Types of keywords you choose for your internet marketing needs will dictate which visitors find your site and how they will react when they see it. In the world of internet marketing, keywords fit into three branches. We’ll talk about these three categories as well as how they relate to your marketing needs. Certain types of keywords indicate what the user’s mentality is at the time of the search. Some signify that they are looking to purchase a product while others denote that they are simply browsing. As an internet marketer, it’s your job to look at the intent behind ...

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