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More on Niche Keyword Sniffing…

A friend emailed me this week asking about searching for niche keywords and niches in general. They asked if I use any new-fangled technology to grab keywords and such. Of course, I do have some good tools in my arsenal, as most marketers should – but the problem with tools, is that they can sometimes take an age to load up and actually get working for you. You have to specify the ins and outs of the keyword you are trying to find, before you ever get to a list of keywords that actually won’t have much competition. A great ...

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2 Ways to Use a Spreadsheet for Keyword Hunting

Let’s be honest, spreadsheets have pretty much been part of our everyday life now for a long time, and we’ve found ever more creative uses for them. None more so than the AC/DC Spreadsheet animation, which – if you haven’t seen it yet – is pretty awesome. Of course, when we are plotting our cash flow for the next 12 months, or working out our home finances, we love spreadsheets, and use them to help us get through the mathematical day a little easier. So, did you ever use your spreadsheet for keyword manipulation? Well, if you haven’t, then you ...

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