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Don’t Let Your Content Go Stale

As a marketing manager, you’ve likely encountered days where you’ve spent hours trying to brainstorm new content for your next marketing campaign. If you’re like most marketing professionals, your final resort is to look online to see what your competitors are posting and to use that content as a way to spin your own. While this may work for some time, this type of strategy does have its faults – and serious ones at that. Instead of spinning content and recycling ideas that already exist, you can come up with fresh content and if you promote it the right way, ...

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professional blogging

Blogging Success: 10 Unconventional Tips to Build Your Business

Successful marketing isn’t about presenting a product to the masses in hopes that your initial message is enticing enough to generate a sale. There is so much more. Though having an outstanding product is a necessity, it is not the most influential factor in a winning business model.  As a marketer, there may not be a more powerful weapon in helping you establish your business than adding informative content for your target market to assimilate and share with others. People CRAVE fresh content. According to WordPress, over 409 million people view more than 12.9 billion pages each month on their ...

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