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Taking Your Profits Offline

Taking your profits offline If you were to choose between a free method of contacting people and a paid method, each one having its particular strong points and drawbacks, you would probably opt for the free method. Then if you were told that by using the paid method, you could in fact put your prices up, and actually get more out of a client than you could with the free method – would you rethink? Offline marketing has for some time been dominated by those with thousands of dollars to spend, and they spend it on a marketing campaign that ...

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Choosing WordPress Themes

If you have been losing sleep over the choice of WordPress theme to go with, then you are probably one among millions of people who just cannot decide among the myriad of theme styles available. Depending on the niche you are in, or what you actually need from a theme, the choices can slim down quite a lot. Many people try to make a theme do too much, and end up spending a lot of money and time on a theme that is partially suitable for them, but also has a whole host of features they will never use. The ...

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WordPress Corner Peel Plugin (Worth $47)

Hey guys, I just came across this plugin from my buddy Ken Sarr and he gave me permission to give this to you as part of my valued Inner Circle. This little plugin allows you to instantly have one of those cool corner peel ads in the corner of your wordpress site. This is an instant attention getter and by having this already coded in a cool little plugin, you do not have to mess around with Javascript, template editing and possibly breaking your site. This little plugin is worth $47 but it is yours FREE as part of your ...

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Create your Own “Members Only” Blog

One member recently wrote to me asking how it would be possible to turn their WordPress blog into a site that has both a members section and a free area. Some blogs do this well, whilst providing great content they also have a section that is only accessible if you sign up for their newsletter or actually make yourself a member of the site. This is much easier than you think, and we will discuss the pros and the cons of each method.

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All About Leveraging Apps

The title itself is a little cryptic, and that has mainly to do with the fact that apps are still in their infancy as far as the mainstream internet marketers are concerned. If you are not sure of what an app is, or what it could do for your business, then this article will shed some light on the whole subject for you. Occasionally we are faced with a dilemma in business. We are faced with a choice of learning or don’t earn. Diversification means your business is never stagnant, and will always reach new clients. These clients may currently ...

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