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Honesty is the BEST Policy

Honesty is always the best policy, and the more transparent you are with your readers, the better you will get along with them. A relationship with a reader is much like a relationship with your bank manager. You are always aware of what he is thinking about you, and he thinks you are always trying to get money out of him. Without him, you are doomed. In essence, he is the connection between your work, and you eating. Readers and visitors are just as important as your bank manager. If you went to see your bank manager, and wanted some ...

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The Genius of Webinars Part 2

To stage a webinar successfully, and make money from it, you will need to have some great subject matter. Many people assume they cannot put a webinar together, because they simply do not know enough about the subject. This is easy to get round, because you can put together a webinar where you simply interview an expert in the niche. Say for example you wanted to get 100 people together for a webinar, which would last approximately 30 minutes. If you were interviewing two people who are huge in the traffic generation arena, each for 15 minutes, and you charged ...

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The ‘secret’ of internet marketing?

Very few internet marketers and gurus will ever tell you the truth, and leave nothing out. If they told you how they made every penny, surely they would no longer be in business? They may say that they are ‘revealing all’ or ‘blowing the industry wide open’ – but in fact they are giving you just enough information that you still want more from them, and are always just one step behind. This article will explain just one golden rule that people like me, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and Alex Jeffreys will actually tell you – because they are true ...

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Stumbleupon: Can’t Use or Won’t Use?

Stumbleupon marketing started getting a lot of online press over the last year, because some heavy hitting marketers had written some guides on it. Just like Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and other buzzes in the internet marketing industry, we are drawn to it like a moth to the flame to see just what we are missing out on. With Stumbleupon, for some reason, people switch off and assume this genre of social marketing cannot apply to their business because they have a product for sale, or a service they charge a monthly fee for.

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