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Facebook Marketing Tips

Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips for Closing Sales

Let’s talk about closing the sale. You’ve done all the hard work in attracting visitors, generating conversations and building momentum. Now you’re ready to turn all that goodwill into cash. We’ve talked about some basic ways to do it in other blog posts. Now let’s go over some advanced strategies.

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: 5 Different Approaches

There is no one size fits all answer to Facebook marketing. Instead of looking for the “best” way to market, look for the method that your audience is most likely to respond to. Here are five of the most common approaches. Which one clicks most for you and your niche?

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5 Cutting Edge Facebook Tips for Boosting Profits

Marketers and entrepreneurs often underestimate Facebook. On the surface, Facebook might seem less powerful than AdWords, SEO or other more “traditional” web traffic tools. In reality, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools around today. Marketers tend to underestimate Facebook simply because it’s quite different than everything else. Here are five cutting edge ways to use Facebook to build your audience and boost your profits.

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