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Article submission list

Article Submission List: Where to Submit Your Articles

Article submission list websites aren’t hard to find, but if you want only the best directories, you sometimes have to dig deep. Not only that, but ever since Google’s Farmer algorithms hit the engines last year, there has been a shift in which directories are actually the best. If you’re looking for an article submission list from an expert, chances are that you’ll get several different opinions. For one, different affiliate experts have distinctive needs that influence which directories they recommend. This often has to with what each directory offers. Article Submission List Best Inclusions For the most part, Ezine ...

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Best article sites

Best Article Sites for Internet Marketing Articles

Best article sites for submitting your internet marketing articles to have changed their policies quite a bit over the past year. Some sites, like Ezine Articles, were always a little on the strict side to begin with, but with the advent of the “Google Panda” or “Farmer” updates made early in 2011, many internet marketers were sent scurrying to back to their affiliate platforms to find more reputable products and better keywords. The best article sites changed their policies while the not-so-reputable ones did not. Now granted, the latter of this group represents sites that aren’t as popular as directories ...

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Internet marketing articles

Internet Marketing Articles: Web-Specific Articles

Internet marketing articles permeate the internet marketing niche in many ways. For most marketers, article marketing is done for free through article directories like Ezine Articles, Articles Base, Go Articles and Easy Articles. These differ from typical newspaper or magazine articles in several ways, which you will learn about here. Internet marketing articles are structured in a certain way such that people browsing the internet can easily digest them. Unlike newspaper and magazine articles, which are written to the heart’s content of the author, internet articles need to be to the point and filled with certain keywords to be qualified ...

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How to Market a Website

How to Market a Website: Easy Website Promotion

How to market a website, how to use social media promotionand how to do both of those things on the cheap are probably ideas that have run across your mind when you’re trying to promote your website. The good news for you is, many of the best marketing strategies are actually free. We’ll talk a little bit about some of these marketing strategies in this guide. Not all marketing techniques are free, but some of the best ones are, and they are meant to last a long time as well. From backlinks to social media, we’ll talk a little bit ...

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