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Hosting webinars

Hosting Webinars for Customer Retention and Extra Content

Hosting webinars as an internet marketer is a great way to build trust with your customers and create extra content for your websites at the same time. Hosting webinars, in case you’re not already familiar with them, involves using a webinar software to connect with viewers. You, the speaker, have a variety of features available at your fingertips. Hosting webinars is also a good way to keep your customers in touch with you on a regular basis. In today’s guide, we’ll talk about how you can use webinars to spark productive conversation between you and your customers and how you ...

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Sell Videos Online

Sell Videos Online: How to Market Videos and Screencasts

Sell videos online, and you could amp up sales of your other products. If you enjoy making videos, but have never had a way to make money from them, this guide will help you change that. In a similar vein, if you like showing people how to do things, but are a terrible writer, making a video to convey your instructions is often a better alternative. Videos work both as a standalone product and as a bonus to a main product that you’re selling. And when you sell videos online, you have a huge audience of potential customers to which ...

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Look Around the Videos, Not at the Videos…

Google mentions being able to advertise “around” videos in their content network, and I’d like to just go over this with you, as I’ve written a post in the main blog about the other aspects of Google video advertising. The most powerful medium right now on the web has to be video. With fast streaming videos being delivered to us day in day out on massively hit sites, we are spoiled for choice of great videos to watch, either at work or at home. It’s no surprise then, that marketers have been looking for easy ways into this for some ...

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The Things You Never Get Done…

We could sit for hours listing the things we need to get done. And somewhere on our list, is usually “make a list”. We are compelled to be as organized as possible, and will often make a big dent in our to do list – but the real problems are all the little things we have been putting off for too long. They will eventually mount up and have to be passed to a virtual assistant or worse, forgotten about. So, what are the top 20 things (in no particular order) we never get done?

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Physical vs. Digital

We see eBooks all over the internet now, and even the giants like Amazon have their Kindle downloads etc. The developers for the gurus are forever inventing new ways for you to access content: protected PDF, community based member access area, and more. One method you may not have even contemplated, is physical product selling.

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