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How to Market on Facebook Part 2: Widening Your Reach

A week ago we touched on the benefits of using Facebook to market to your target audience and how beneficial it is for engaging your followers. In case you missed it, here it is: How To Market On Facebook Part 1: Engaging Your Audience.  Just a quick recap: Facebook receives A LOT of traffic. With over 1 billion users, many of them check their accounts multiple times a day. If you’re not utilizing Facebook as a potential tool to build yourself as an authority and to maintain a dialogue with your target market, then you are severely missing out.  Today ...

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CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing: How to Successfully Market CPA Offers

CPA marketing involves different advertising tactics than product marketing. CPA offers, short for Cost Per Action offers, differ in a key way from regular CPC marketing. Knowing this difference and being able to adjust your advertising techniques will help you succeed in the CPA field. You’re marketing to a bit of a different crowd when you sponsor CPA programs. Unlike regular CPC campaigns that bounce to pages with copy that scrolls on and on forever, CPA campaigns take a little different approach. Ad copy for cost per action purposes is straight to the point. Sometimes the page doesn’t require any ...

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Mobile Apps for IM?

You may have seen the mobile eBooks, iPhone apps, Android apps and Facebook apps that are tipped to be the biggest thing on the internet since time began. Well, the problem with these apps is that nobody has a real idea about how their business can actually get into the marketplace and stand alongside the already well placed companies. If you have an eBook or product you think would appeal to mobile users, who want to access your content on the move, the process is quite simple.

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Top Profitable Alternatives to AdSense

Are there real alternatives to AdSense? If so, just how effective and profitable are they? Many webmasters have made significant money with Google’s advertising network AdSense over the years. In fact, for many, it is the leading source of income for their websites. The advantage of AdSense is very simple, integrating their content-sensitive ads into websites is very easy to do and you can blend these ads seamlessly into your site’s content and layout. However, for some, AdSense is either not profitable enough or not quite flexible enough to suit their needs. Not only that, Google AdSense only allows 3 ...

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