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Maximize Your Copywriting Skills

One of the best ways to significantly improve your copywriting skills in any industry is to follow a checklist that can guide you through the process. With a checklist, you’re able to break down the process of creating compelling copy into manageable steps. Once that checklist is broken down into those manageable steps, you’re able to continually improve your checklist and overall writing system over time – which should always be your main goal. Let’s take a look at the steps that you should be following as you work to improve your copywriting skills and create copy that converts: Identify ...

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Don’t Let Your Content Go Stale

As a marketing manager, you’ve likely encountered days where you’ve spent hours trying to brainstorm new content for your next marketing campaign. If you’re like most marketing professionals, your final resort is to look online to see what your competitors are posting and to use that content as a way to spin your own. While this may work for some time, this type of strategy does have its faults – and serious ones at that. Instead of spinning content and recycling ideas that already exist, you can come up with fresh content and if you promote it the right way, ...

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how to write a sales page

The 5 Step Sales Page For Killer Conversions

Let’s be honest. Copywriting can be hard! For the majority of online marketers, copywriting is an enigma; a complete and utter mystery. We can look at the sales pages of others and replicate it, but without truly knowing HOW and WHY it works, we’re probably just cheating ourselves out of conversions. So instead, we shell out ridiculous sums of money to copywriters in order to bring our sales copy to life. What makes these people so special? How do they know how to create such enticing content? What is their secret? Easy. They follow a basic strategy or template in ...

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guide for success

The Dummies Guide to Improving Conversion Rates

It doesn’t matter how many visitors your site attracts, if they are not converting to sales, then your site will never make REAL money.  Believe it or not, a few tweaks here and there may be all that you need in order to turn incoming traffic into a viable source of income.  Before you take the time and effort and revamp your entire marketing campaign, check out these quick fixes that can yield big time results! – Pay attention to your copywriting.  Every word illicit a different thought or emotion from the reader.  Utilize the big power words that can be found here. ...

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13 Steps to the Perfect Sales Page Template

You don’t have to be a literary genius to be able to create a highly converting sales letter, but it does take a bit of trial and error. Unlike articles, ebooks, or other forms of writing, an effective sales page requires a more scientific method.  Copywriters need to be able to inject themselves into the mind of the consumer in order to generate text that captivates the attention of the reader long enough to present them with an offer that they simply can’t refuse. This is why the leading copywriters follow a basic template that encompasses all of the right information ...

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