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The Secret to Boosting Revenue: Relationship Building and Affiliates

Internet marketing is not simply about choosing a product and presenting it to the masses.  That is incredibly short sighted and won’t yield the best results.  Internet marketing is about building relationships, both with your consumer base AND others within your niche.  A marketer alone can only reach so many people due to time restraints, marketing budgets, and overall exposure, but with the help of others, the reach of that marketer can increase exponentially, leading to even greater rewards that if he/she had attempted to spread their message alone.  In the internet marketing world, we call these other people affiliates. ...

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Affiliate Marketing Blog

Affiliate Marketing Blog: Turning Your Blog into Cash

Affiliate marketing blog ideas abound across the web. There are dozens of ways to make a constant stream of income from your blog, even if it’s not set up to make money right now. Most blogs begin as fledgling projects. Their authors get all excited at the inception of the blog, then they spend a few days creating a header, picking a template and writing their first few blog posts. Then the next week, they get distracted with work, school, or their kids, and they abandon their blog project. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Getting Serious About Blogging If you’re going to ...

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how to pick a niche

How to Pick a Niche: Choosing a Profitable Niche

Knowing how to pick a niche is a skill that differs depending on which types of online marketing you have in mind. For example, a niche that is designed to convert customers into sales might not be suited toward being used as a niche for a blog. Learning how to pick a niche involves knowing your own personal preferences. A niche should somewhat align with your own personal interests. For example, if you enjoy golf, a niche in the golf category might be the perfect pick, depending on how you intend to market your online business. How to Pick a ...

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Starting an Affiliate Program, Marketing for Your Online Business

What would you do with a team of sales agents across the world who are trying to sell your goods and only get paid when they make a sale? That is exactly what an affiliate program can do for your business. You can create a massive automated sales force for your business without the staff overheads of a conventional sales team. This works incredibly well for online businesses and it is a tried, trusted and incredibly beneficial way to boost online sales, even in tough economies. You can think of an affiliate program as a revenue share, where your affiliates ...

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