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Why Online Marketing is Important

There are many ways you can market your brand. You can send mail, host events, provide newsletters, and advertise to the world on television and magazines. However, while these are all excellent options, the list is missing one crucial method and that is internet marketing. The importance of internet marketing is nearing its peak. Internet is the medium where most consumers get their information and it is also the easiest ways for the consumer to engage and get in touch with the brand. Adopting a strong and effective internet marketing strategy can do wonders for your brand. Below is an ...

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Foundation for Success: Consumer Trust

Consumer trust isn’t a bygone concept when it comes to marketing. These days, consumers are more likely to purchase a brand that they know will deliver on their expectations. Any successful marketing campaigns requires trust between your brand and the consumer. For some marketing managers, the idea of trust and the public seems to be a concept that cannot be comprehended. There are those that believe that there is no way to foster trust between the consumer and the brand, and that this endeavor may in itself be useful. However, research shows that trust is not only attainable – but ...

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Branding Power

These two tips could end up earning you a lot of money. Not because they are a free traffic source, or because they are ways to get hundreds of people to your site… but because they will empower your online brand. Your brand is everything now, in a world that is mostly limited to 140 characters on our direct traffic platforms, or because we have very little time before our prospective clients actually click the back button (due to banner and website blindness). You only have a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention, so you really need to go ...

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The Future of Ad Placement?

When you are looking to get some advertising on your blog, then you should always follow the guidelines that millions of other bloggers before you have used, tested and made money from. There is always the good advice regarding Adsense sizes, and positioning, and this usually comes free from a lot of the more prominent bloggers who still believe in sharing the wealth. There is a lot that can be learnt from other blogs, and there is also a lot that can be learned from the big guns.

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What’s In a Name?

Something I haven’t really discussed are domains and domain name buying. There are three main objectives when you are looking at buying a domain. If you can accomplish these, then you will find your job as a search engine optimizer much easier. Domains are of course paramount to a website’s success, no matter who tells you they are not. Imsuccesscenter.com describes me perfectly, as it is what everyone associates with Sean Donahoe. Even if you don’t know me, then you can assume the content before you arrive, when you have spotted my domain in the search engine results.

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