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Pins & Hashtags – What Does It All Mean for You?

Pins, hashtags, likes, unfriending – thanks to social media, we now have developed a completely new language to describe all of the features and tools needed to run a successful page. Do you find yourself chuckling in empathy with the little old lady who has quite literally posted actual photographs to her home’s wall? Fortunately, it’s not all that complicated once you understand the jargon. Today, I’m going to go over all the words, phrases, and features from A to Z commonly thrown around when discussing social media, as well as how some of them in particular can help you ...

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Tips on How to Create Relevant Content

In a world where content is king, people tend to put lot of random information on their webpages in an attempt to boost their page rank with different search engines. Unfortunately this won’t do any good if the content isn’t relevant to their website. In order for SEO to work properly content must be fresh and consistent with the overall theme of your webpage or blog. Another reason to have relevant material on your website is your visitors. If you content is consistent throughout and every post has something to do with the theme of your page, then more people ...

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the perfect blog post

The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post

Every half of a second, a new blog is created. Blogging is becoming more and more popular every year, every month, every day, and for good reason. Countless business owners use their blog to drive traffic, generate revenue, increase customer loyalty, and would likely have far less success doing so if they didn’t blog regularly. Obviously, blogging has become darn near a necessity for online business owners, but with over 150 million blogs active on the web, there is a lot of stiff competition out there. I mean, if EVERYONE is blogging, then how are you supposed to get ahead ...

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affiliate marketing for bloggers

The Blogger’s Guide to Presenting Affiliate Marketing Offers

Affiliate marketing can be a powerful money maker for any blog if used correctly. Aside from creating your own line of products, affiliate marketing is easily the most bankable strategy for internet marketers. You don’t necessarily even need to market through emails either. You can provide your audience with contextual links and banners in order to earn a profit. Today, I’ll be providing you with some easy to follow tips that will help you turn a profit by promoting affiliate offers directly onto your site. These tips don’t take any real prep time and can be employed as soon as ...

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Blogging Secrets Revealed: Tips for Maximizing Productivity Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, I covered the importance of creating valuable content for your audience. Quality of blog posts are absolutely essential, but so is creating these high quality posts in an efficient manner in order to maximize results while still having time to pursue other activities outside of IM.  That is precisely why I have decided to create this 2 part series in the first place. I want to show readers that they don’t have to kill themselves day in and day out when trying to create a profitable blog. Hopefully with some of these tips you ...

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