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PresellPro – Automated Presell Content in 5 minutes!

Content is King – and there is no denying that the power in Internet Marketing lies with those who are able to write effective content for their sites, and those who can write compelling presell articles which engage the reader enough to click the affiliate links within. Before now, anybody who couldn’t write articles or blog content had to outsource this task to professional writers, which could easily eat into profits. What is worse, is people often purchase content spinning software for either a monthly fee, or a big one-off payment, and then end up churning out articles that might ...

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Blog Commenting 101

Blog commenting is a great way to get yourself some backlinks, but unfortunately it has been overrun by spammers in an attempt to build thousands of backlinks to get Google love. It never works like this, as we all know, so why they continue to do so is beyond reason. Blog commenting can be a very good way to get some high power backlinks, but you have to do it properly, and within certain parameters. For example, do it regularly – but not overkill. So comment on relevant blogs maybe twice or three times a day. Make each post a ...

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Blog Contests – Why They are Your Ticket to Mass Traffic

If you have never explored the benefits of a blog competition, then now really is the time. I have started seeing more and more of my competition and colleagues using this tactic to reel in new visitors on a DAILY basis, and it is now becoming a viral thing. The thing with a competition is – you need people to enter it. Not only that – you need something to give away. So let’s take some case studies, and see if we can’t cover some good niches.

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Securing Your WordPress Blog From Hackers

WordPress is one of the most popular blog systems out there. It is also a popular target of hackers who like to run their scripts to deface websites or even steal your database of content. This guide shows you some quick and simple steps that you should take to protect your WordPress installation from potential hacking and exploitation.

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