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Free 300 Word Articles in 5 Minutes?

A blog I came across reminded me of an awesome way to get easy content on your website. If you have any kind of blog that needs regularly updating, then this method can be used, and used well. It will take around five minutes to get about 300 – 500 words, and will be the best kind of content – free.

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Who Else Wants to Write Great Headlines?

To write the ultimate headline for a squeeze (or sales) page, you need the ultimate toolbox. If you know nothing about writing compelling headlines, structured titles, or how to lead a prospect to the email capture without them realizing it, then this article will be very useful for you. Creating an eye-catching headline is fairly simple, as we discussed in our members area. But what about the content? You should be realistic, yet bold. You should be charismatic, yet not overbearing… the mixture of emotions you should feel whilst writing it, should convey to the reader easily, and be projected ...

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Create your Own “Members Only” Blog

One member recently wrote to me asking how it would be possible to turn their WordPress blog into a site that has both a members section and a free area. Some blogs do this well, whilst providing great content they also have a section that is only accessible if you sign up for their newsletter or actually make yourself a member of the site. This is much easier than you think, and we will discuss the pros and the cons of each method.

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One Blog to Rule Them All…

Blogging is, in essence, fun. The only problem people have, is updating all their online presences at once. This used to be a breeze with tools like Ping.FM, but even that has started to fall down slightly with its API. The very best way to control all your social media platforms from one place, is with your blog. WordPress is an ideal candidate for this type of thing, because there are loads of really cool plugins just waiting to make your life easier. If a plugin does not exist for the job you want doing – you can easily hire ...

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An Introduction to Micro Marketing

Blogging is a classic example of a boom industry. There are people in the industry making a few dollars a week, and then there are people making thousands per day. It all depends on scalability in the niche they choose, and if they are willing to scale the business at all. We forget that some people actually blog for entertainment rather than profit!

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