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When Blogging Becomes Like a Bad Date

When you first start talking to somebody who you’d like to date, you are full of interesting things to say, and if you are lucky enough to start dating, the whole newness thing is awesome. Blogging is very much like that. The newness is great. You have a hundred ideas every week for articles and posts, and you run competitions, and you start thinking of new ways to get traffic in. You then start to get a little weary of the blog, because traffic has slumped, or you just can’t think of anything to write. Just as when you have ...

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Better Affiliate Advertising

We are in this business to make money. Let’s not beat around the bush. The only thing that can prevent us from making money, is the fact that we may be up against stiff competition, and we are not appealing to our visitors as a person. What I mean by that is, even sites that are nowhere on Google’s page 1 for search terms, can still get traffic if they have a human interest angle that can be advertised in forum signatures, Twitter, Facebook and so on. For example, we might not be able to rank on page one for ...

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Digging For Diamonds

On the subject of keywords, one can argue that the more you have to optimize your page, the better. With a page just pasted in really good LSI keywords, and some main niche keywords, you will struggle to get no traffic. Lower competition and longer tail keywords make up a lot of a page’s traffic, so it’s always best to have as many variations as possible. Here’s a great tip for digging these LSI keywords up, that has you recycling results over and over for the keywords you want. I spoke about Google AdWords’ great little tool for checking the ...

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Article Popularity

A post on a blog can take you from zero traffic to a thousand visitors a month if you do it right. This is not a pie in the sky statement either. Most bloggers will tell you that at some point, they wrote an article that catapulted them in the rankings for a search term, and then gave them steady traffic thereafter. The reason for this is often quite simple. It’s all in the way you finish a post/article. Let’s say you are covering some news about Twitter, which is just general interest – nothing controversial. You should write as ...

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Creating a Product (Made Easy)

One problem many of my readers and clients have, is having the ability to create a brand new product that they can give away free on their blog. I’ve touched on this a few times, but I’d just like to give a better overview, of how you can build a product (eBook or digital guide) in just a few minutes/hours depending on your level of ability. The best way to look at this, is that the time you invest in this product creation, will be rewarded for as long as you provide the product to your clients. The first thing ...

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