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blogging to make money

Blogging to Make Money: How to Succeed as a Blogger

Blogging to make money sounds like an easy way to make a living. But more work goes into it than many people realize. There’s more to it than just throwing a few blog posts on the site and placing Google AdSense code within the text. Blogging experts like Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina weigh in on blogging to make money by giving advice in which monetization forms to choose and how to drive traffic to your blog without being so overtly commercial that you drive the traffic right back off your site. They each have slightly different methods with which ...

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how to pick a niche

How to Pick a Niche: Choosing a Profitable Niche

Knowing how to pick a niche is a skill that differs depending on which types of online marketing you have in mind. For example, a niche that is designed to convert customers into sales might not be suited toward being used as a niche for a blog. Learning how to pick a niche involves knowing your own personal preferences. A niche should somewhat align with your own personal interests. For example, if you enjoy golf, a niche in the golf category might be the perfect pick, depending on how you intend to market your online business. How to Pick a ...

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4 Fundamental Foundations of Internet Marketing Success

There are some absolute basic areas and foundations of every internet marketing business that you should have. Even if you are an offline business with an online presence, you need to tap into these fundamentals to maximize your online success. Get Blogging Today It seems that everyone has a blog these days, right? Well, your business sites need them too to help boost your presence online. Empowering your business site with the potential reach of a targeted blog can help you in many areas. First of all you can give you tremendous advantages with search engine optimization and actually make ...

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Arguments for and Against AdSense

AdSense is the bloggers friend, and you will have heard it a million times before – but have you ever heard the case for the total absence of AdSense on your website? Of course, there are people who have had many issues with AdSense, and have been seemingly banned for no reason, or maybe they have had thousands of visitors and a very low click through on the ads themselves. These stories never discourage bloggers or web developers from actually trying AdSense, because its so darned easy to get an account set up, and have high paying ads on your ...

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Part 2 of 2: Building a List You can Take to the Bank

So, you have just done an ad swap, and gained 100 members on your list. However, you lost 200 to the partner. Many people forget that doing ad swaps is not instant gratification. You cannot (or should not) do anything with the new members to your list, until you are 100% sure that they have settled in. Don’t sell them anything, not for some time. They joined up to your list because you gave them something free, more often than not. Does that sound like a red hot buying prospect to you? Thought not. So, here’s how to get out ...

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