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Foursquare for business

Foursquare for Business: Expanding Your Social Base

Foursquare for business probably isn’t the first social networking idea that might pop into your head when you hear an expert talk about the importance of social media for your website. In fact, you might have written off Foursquare as a waste of time, an application only necessary for teens and the occasional adult with nothing better to do than “check in” everywhere they go. But if you want to expand your customer or website visitor base – and ratchet up your sales in the process – then Foursquare for business is something you should consider, rather than overlook. This ...

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One Blog to Rule Them All…

Blogging is, in essence, fun. The only problem people have, is updating all their online presences at once. This used to be a breeze with tools like Ping.FM, but even that has started to fall down slightly with its API. The very best way to control all your social media platforms from one place, is with your blog. WordPress is an ideal candidate for this type of thing, because there are loads of really cool plugins just waiting to make your life easier. If a plugin does not exist for the job you want doing – you can easily hire ...

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A Suggestion is Worth a Thousand Words

Google’s suggestion tool has got its flaws – just like any other tool. For instance it can make you very unproductive. The problem with suggestions is that when somebody makes them, you tend to explore the possibilities of said suggestion. If you emailed me and said you have a good idea for an eBook about cool keyword suggestion tools – and I ‘suggested’ you take a look at some of the tools over at SEOBook.com as they have some cool API methods… you would then go over to SEOBook and begin playing with their little apps. This is fine. But ...

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