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Amazon: Thinking Outside-The-Box

In the 1990’s, “ecommerce” was just coming into the public eye, and many new entrepreneurs burst onto the scene with online business ideas that were exciting, new, and completely unfamiliar to consumers, as well as very unfamiliar to the entrepreneurs who were starting the companies. These brave entrepreneurs were entering a brand new market, with hardly any guidelines or idea of what consumers would like and dislike in an online retail company. It was questionable whether or not customers would even buy online in the first place. But Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, had a plan for Amazon that would ...

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Amazon: Marketing to Target Millennials

In general, Amazon has been utilizing the online market for some time to generate revenue for its product sales. The decision to use this tactic has largely been the response to a growing trend in which consumers are increasingly using the web in order to conduct most of their purchases. However, while there are many consumers who are turning to the web to shop, there is also data that points to a different phenomenon. While consumers are buying online, they are only purchasing certain products or they are browsing products online and then going to a brick-and-mortar shop to buy ...

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Amazon’s Prime Marketing Strategy

By now it’s safe to say that anyone who has been online has probably heard of Amazon and almost just as many have heard of Amazon Prime. Starting out as a way for customers to get 2-day shipping on all the orders many doubted that customers would be willing to pay an annual fee just for shipping. Amazon Prime has now been in existence for 8 years and has been received by millions of customers. What many experts claimed would be a failure turned into a way for Amazon to fund many of its new distribution centers and increase brand ...

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Brand Expansion: Amazon Studios

As if they weren’t taking the goods industry by storm Amazon Studios has announced that it will be producing original movies for release in theaters and distribution through Amazons Prime Instant Video this year. Ted Hope, a critically acclaimed producer, will be the one leading the creative development team for Amazon Original Movies. He has been vocal about the need for changing the way independent films are produced and distributed. Even though they have not expressed any specific projects Amazon expects to produce around 12 movies a year, all indie-style projects with budgets ranging from $5 million to $25 million. ...

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Amazon and Drone Delivery: The Pros and Cons

Technology is constantly changing, growing, and advancing. With these changes come a great deal of speculation about what the result of these changes will be. One of the most significant issues that is affecting one of the largest corporations in the country are whether or not drone delivery systems should be legal and whether they invade the rights of individuals. Amazon seems to be developing a great deal of plans when it comes to its drone delivery system. The system itself is supposed to deliver your items faster, more carefully, and without the interference of human interaction, thus cutting down ...

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