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Surviving the Summer Sales Slump

Summertime is often the worst time ofsummer slump year for sales of just about any kind – unless you’re in the market for selling swimsuits and surf boards. So if you’ve noticed more than just a gradual decline in sales the past several weeks, you’re not alone. This is especially true in internet marketing, when people are out and about shopping at malls or swimming in pools, rather than on their computers shopping for the latest ebook to get rid of acne.

But you’re not lost altogether if you are dead set on making money on the internet this summer. After all, there are dozens of niches that DO convert in the summertime, especially since some niches ONLY pertain to summer necessity. We’ll go over some of those niches here, plus we’ll touch on ways you can sneak in some sales during the summer slump.

1. Don’t buy into the mentality that you can’t sell online in the summer. Why? Because it IS possible! You just have to market yourself properly and find the right niches. The problem a lot of internet marketers have during the hot months is that they try to promote the same summer niches as everyone else. True, acne books sell well in July and August because kids and teachers alike want clear skin before going back to school. But when everyone else is selling an acne affiliate program eBook, how are you supposed to stand out? You’ll have to get pretty creative. But it IS possible.

2. Redouble your efforts at whatever your efforts currently are. If you write blog posts, write more. If you shoot videos, shoot more. The more chances you give yourself to capture traffic, the better. Otherwise, you’ll just lose yourself in the influx of content from internet marketers who also have a ton of time on their hands in the summer months.

3. Break into summer-friendly niches. It’s true that niches like fitness and acne are huge in the summer because everyone wants swimsuit-friendly skin and bodies. But there are less popular niches that are still huge in the online world that are less cutthroat than skin care and health. For instance, perhaps you should launch a blog about bikini-friendly summer snacks, like smoothies. Write reviews on juice and smoothie blenders, promote smoothie recipe books and post videos of you trying out some of the recipes and appliances, if possible. There are dozens of ways you can make a whole little world of your own with this strategy, and who knows – you might *GASP*! – have fun with it!

It’s not too hard to think of ways to make money in the summer if you get creative with it. And if you simply can’t think of ways to break out of the typical acne and body-friendly niches, just think of ways to create more diversified content that no one else is leveraging yet. Get on the Pinterest bandwagon, launch competitions and contests – you name it. If it engages the consumer and makes them feel like they’re having fun while they buy, you’ve finished half the battle.

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