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Suck in the Leads with Killer Landing Page Techniques

Marketers and business owners are constantly searching for ways to improve the conversions on their website. Some people tell you that you to focus on improving your web design to increase conversions. Some tell you to give consumers a reason to trust you through social proof.

Some say that you should write long form copy that captivates your audience while others tell you that short copy is the way to go. Some will even tell you that to offer different choices for your product or services. What very few marketers mention as an effective way to increase conversions and suck in leads, however, is your landing page. There is just no way around it. Landing pages are absolutely the number one way to convert visitors to your website into leads.

Marketo Vice President Jon Miller has said that his team has performed studies saying that sending visitors to a landing page over your home or about page can actually increase conversions by as much as 50%. What other single method can increase your conversions by 50%?!?

But maybe you are already aware of the importance of a solid landing page. If that is the case, you are probably wondering how in the world you can create one so good that leads come piling in to your business. Let’s figure it out. Here’s a quick guide for how to create a killer landing page that sucks in leads:

The Headline is Key

Whether you are writing an article that you actually want consumers to read or are trying to get someone excited about your home page, the headline is everything. That is no different when it comes to the landing page.

What many marketers do not realize, however, is that a lot goes into creating a quality headline that grabs the attention of visitors. Digital marketing legend Neil Patel is famous for spending the same amount of time creating the headline for his articles and landing pages as he does writing the rest of the content.

Why does he do this? Because Neil knows that the headline is what gets your potential customer to read the rest of the copy you have put together. Statistics show that headlines are read by 8 out of 10 people but content is only read by 2 out of 10. Creating a great headline can help you raise that percentage significantly. Be sure to check out Patel’s article at the link above to discover his go-to formula for creating a top notch headline.

Create Credibility

This aspect of your landing page is going to differ significantly depending on where you are in your business and how well known your brand is. If you are selling a baseball pitching program and you have three Cy Young awards and a World Series MVP to your name, you are obviously not going to need to provide as much credibility about the success of your program as a guy who did not play past Division III college baseball.

There is a lot of debate throughout different experts around the best way to go about this. Some say to provide credibility through a short testimonial while others will tell you to provide specific numbers through a concise case study.

Once again, the decision you make is going to come down to what you currently have to offer. The one thing that is for sure, however, is that social proof works. And, no matter which way you go, you want to make sure that the landing page features specifics.

If you go with a testimonial, provide a specific quote and include the name, association, and an image of the person providing the testimonial. If you go with a case study, provide specific numbers along with specifics about the person or business that the study is based on. Overall, be concise and do not confuse people.

Concise and Captivating Copy

Creating concise and captivating copy is certainly not an easy task. While you do not exactly have to be a great writer to create effective copy for your landing page, you will have to spend an awful lot of time writing and editing that copy.

Since it would take an entire article to explain how to go about writing a strong landing page, you are probably better off taking a look at the guide that Copyblogger offers about writing the ultimate landing page.

Unique Call-to-Action Button

If the headline is the key to a successful landing page, think of your call-to-action as the box that the key is opening. Inside that box is an abundance of leads waiting to be unlocked.

Neil Patel offers several different tactics that can be effective for improving your call-to-action buttons. Some of the main things that he talks about in his comprehensive article about improving your call-to-actions include:

  • Contrast your button color with your overall design. You want your button to stand out and contrasting colors can help you achieve this.
  • Use whitespace. An overcrowded CTA button is very rarely effective.
  • Use special effects. While this can be difficult to do without landing page software, using special effects can have a huge impact on conversion rates.

Creating a unique call-to-action is truly an art form. There are so many different ways to go about making one and it is incredibly difficult to get it perfect the first time. This is why testing is so important.

Test and Test and Test….and then Test Some More

For the love of all that is good with the world please test your landing pages. There are far too many marketers out there that make one or two attempts at a landing page and just go out and say that is the best they got. Test whether short or long form copy work better. Test different headlines. Test to see whether testimonials or case studies work better. Test offering something different. Test it all!

Landing pages, just like any part of your website and business, should be tested on a regular basis. Your goal is to suck in leads and convert them to customers. In order to do that, you need to do everything in your power to optimize your landing page for that purpose.

But there is simply no way for you to get to the point where you are going to understand what is best for your business unless you are willing to test. The greatest thing about testing landing pages is that it is a fairly easy and straight-forward process. Not to mention there are hundreds of articles written on how to do it.

The experts over at PPC Hero offer a fairly comprehensive guide for testing your landing page that you would be wise to check out. They even show you the many different things that you can test.


It cannot be expressed enough how important it is to continually test your landing page in order to optimize your conversion rates and suck in leads for your business. While creating a strong headline, designing a unique call-to-action, and displaying credibility are all important, it is impossible to know exactly which method for doing each of these works without testing.

So get out there and create your killer landing page! And then, when you have created one, create another one. And another one. And another one. Do this and you will surely find yourself sucking in leads like never before.


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