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Stumbleupon: Can’t Use or Won’t Use?

StumbleUpon-high-detail-256Stumbleupon marketing started getting a lot of online press over the last year, because some heavy hitting marketers had written some guides on it.

Just like Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and other buzzes in the internet marketing industry, we are drawn to it like a moth to the flame to see just what we are missing out on.

With Stumbleupon, for some reason, people switch off and assume this genre of social marketing cannot apply to their business because they have a product for sale, or a service they charge a monthly fee for.


Social marketing is so popular because you are reaching out to people. Once you make a connection, you are then able to influence them. The best thing about Stumble right now, is that it’s pretty untapped for marketing, because of the marketing ‘switch off’ factor. All that is needed with Stumble – is some out of the box creativity.

Let us assume for a minute that you are an eBook writer or marketer. Your blog is perpetually found by those looking to earn money online. You hear about Stumbleupon marketing being cheap and viral, so you check it out. The first websites you see are: – a photo gallery for mushrooms that look like celebrities, and a tractor racing video where a pig is in the driving seat. Okay, it gives you a laugh, but you instantly tune out because this couldn’t possibly be related to making money online – and there’s no way you could make it relevant and viral. You are dead wrong.

When you think of Frank Kern, what do you think of? A serious blue collar who stands behind his desk and walks on rails to the camera to tell you how to make $20 million? No, you think of a surfer type guy who is pretty funny, and once did a skit about cribs whilst telling people about his new product. This is TOTALLY what you should be thinking about. So, in a nutshell, how the hell do you conquer Stumble?

Firstly, create a section of your blog that is purely for fun. Whatever your sense of humor, make that section thrive on it. If you like animals dressed as people, then so be it. In this section you will post pictures every week that make you laugh, and make some comments. One you have added your site to the Stumble network and maybe taken out an advertising campaign there, you will begin seeing traffic to this funny site.

The trick is to also brand it with YOU. This area of the site will get RSS adds, bookmarked, Liked on Stumble, Liked on Facebook and more. And this is all actually coverage for you – not your site. As the creator, you can then add friends and followers, and start networking. Even though this started out as unrelated, you will soon find common ground with these new found contacts, and be able to talk about what you do for a living. Socially, people ask questions about a person – like when you are at a party “what do you do for a living”. You don’t just walk up to somebody and say “Hi, I sell pool covers, would you like to buy one?”. You start a rapport, then it eases into the employment or job topic. Use Stumble and other social media as your party – go mingle, and have fun. Just remember to give them your business card.

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